How To Find Your WiFi Password or Network Security Key On Android and iOS

For all Tech and Gadget lovers, WiFi is like a food. They consume rich resources from the Internet. They can even skip breakfast and lunch but couldn't spend time without WiFi. I'm also one of them☺. I'm writing articles for my blog and my laptop, and smartphone would always connected to my WiFi router.

How To Find Your WiFi Password or Network Security Key On Windows PC and Mac

show wifi password
Is your Windows PC or notebook, Macbook currently connected to a Wi-Fi network? Have you forgotten your WiFi Password? Maybe the network admin doesn't want to reveal the password to you. You might want to browse or download some stuff using your secondary device. i.e., your smartphone.

Why You Should Not Blog For Money - Turn Your Blog into A Money Making Machine

Blogging is one of the best ways to get in touch with the world to express your views about anything. There are millions of blogs and websites available on the Internet. Some authors blog for their joy and most authors consider blogging as their professional career. Whether you would like to blog for your joy or else you wish to work as a pro blogger, you could make huge money from blogging.

How to Quickly Index your New Website and Blog Posts in Google Search Results

It is a good thing to have a blog/website for every business to get fame and profit. When you create your website, the first thing you want is to find your website in search engine results. There are many web search engines out there but when people wants to find what they want at their fingertips, they simply prefer either the giant Google or Yahoo / Bing.