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5 Keys To Stay Connected With Your B2B Clients

The new normal is here to stay. The effort that companies make now to adapt can be an excellent learning for adapting to future and increasingly frequent changes. From the point of view of the generation of relationships and B2B experiences, I propose 5 lines of immediate strategic action. Next, I show you the 5 
keys to stay connected with your B2B clients, don't miss it!

What is the digital marketing?

There are many challenges or problems that this pandemic poses for people and companies. Among them we find that of how to maintain our relational level without the customer experience suffering. This implies the ability to understand, define and act. Our face mask buyers in italy client and PERSON Company needs us, needs our help and our focus at this moment. Are we those who promised to be "in health and in sickness"? Good time to prove it. I tell you where I would start.

Keys to stay connected with your customers 

Here are the main keys to stay connected with your customers:

1.   Checking my focus∂

If before "coffee for everyone" was worth it, not anymore. We have to define priorities by looking for clients or segments where we can be more relevant than others. So there, understand perfectly what happens. This does not happen only for the product, nor for our sales network. Rather, it happens to understand better than ever, what are the problems of that key client for me. From here understand what and how I can do to help you. This is a very cultural, people, empathy and attitude aspect. It is not generated overnight, therefore prioritizing to address where I can be really useful is essential. Let's segment by needs and not by products, let's listen and build from there.

2.   Customizing Experiences

The second key to staying connected with your customers is personalization. Yes, “personalizing ", we are talking about people ... the key to B2B. The companies are people and decisions are made by people with their emotions and perceptions. Their level of perception with you is not going to happen just because at the time of purchase your product arrives on time or because it is the cheapest, there are many more factors that have to do with the emotions and moments of each specific person. Here we are not only talking about the purchasing manager or the CEO. Let's take a good look at all the points of contact of those relevant people with us and let's see what they tell us and what we can do better. Remember, the sum of all those points in all those people at all times (communication, value-added services, content, etc.) well done, they can with any price and product. The culture of customer experience can help us a lot.


3.   Integrating the digital

Our client has changed his habits and already decides how he wants to connect with us, we do NOT decide. You don't want to host our sales colleagues until you've almost made your decision. Making his life easier and helping him with his problems is infinitely easier if we do it the way he feels most comfortable and this happens, also (not only), for digital. It is not worth ignoring it. Apart from digital, it will help us to attract new customers and to have information that, well treated, will help us make better decisions.

4.   Building Trust

Building trust in a world of people like B2B doesn't go through brand promise. But yes because of the reputation generated and the ability we have to transmit it, especially before that potential customer interacts with our sales force. Let's analyze these pre-sales phases very well, let's know what content generates trust at all times (technical, advocacy, corporate, etc.), what channels are used and let's look for the correct format to disseminate them. Let's help with content and services that "make life easier" in making decisions in this situation of so much uncertainty and above all let's not fail in what we have promised.

5.   Connecting Marketing and Sales

Marketing is advertising and fairs and sales that do demos and go to eat with the customer. This is over, both are one and that one only has one boss: the client. Marketing has to begin to "blend in" with the customer to capture them (Inbound) and improve their experience (CX). Sales has to help Marketing to generate the relevant tools and content. Both if they do not feel and have the same objectives, it is impossible for a client to perceive them as value.

Let's forget about serving the customer and think more than ever about helping them. Helping him is empathizing and building trust (today more than ever). Prioritizing with focus, knowing that we cannot be relevant and effective with everyone. Understanding their problems and from there approach them with experiences not only with products. Using the digital ecosystem to make your life easier and more agile, especially now. Sharing trust to help those who are looking for lasting relationships and above all breaking silos and going all together…. to be much more than a provider in these difficult times. 

If you want to learn more about Marketing strategies, we encourage you to train with the Executive Master in Marketing Management, Sales and Digital Strategy where you will learn to attract, analyze, convert and retain your customers from the hand of the best professionals. We will wait for you!

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