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How To Properly Configure A VPN On A Tablet?

Tablets are currently one of the mobile devices most used by Internet users to connect to the web. Unlike laptops, they are much lighter in weight and yet they offer pretty much the same connection features. Indeed with a tablet pc, you can also connect to the internet easily. Usually, they are always equipped with a 3G connection option which makes the internet connection speed optimal.

To browse the Internet freely and safely with your tablet, consider using a Virtual Private Network. The configuration of this one on your tablet will allow you to encrypt your internet connection and to surf freely on the web.

Here are the steps to follow to install a VPN on your Android and iOS tablet.

VPN for Android tablets

Android is a very popular operating system. It accompanies many tablet PCs and Smartphones. Here are the steps to follow to install a VPN on Android.

  • Open the Menu of your Android tablet PC.
  • Then go to your device's settings and tap Connectivity.
  • Open VPN then add a new custom profile.
  • To complete this page, you should use the connection information provided by your service provider including your server IP, shared key (if any) and recommended VPN protocol.
  • Register your profile.
  • Open it to connect.
  • Use the credentials provided by your Virtual Private Network provider to connect.

VPN for iPad tablets

IPads are currently one of the most used tablets. Highly appreciated by users for their design and performance, they are also equipped with an ultra-fast 3G connection option. Here are the steps to follow to set up a configuration for iPad tablets.

  • Go to the menu of your iPad
  • Tap General then select network
  • Choose add a VPN to install a new configuration for iPad
  • For server information, check your mailbox. Normally, they were sent by your service provider during your subscription.
  • Register your profile
  • Log in with your personal identifiers

The best VPNs for tablets

The choice of VPN providers for tablets is very large, so it is difficult to form an opinion on each one. This is why the VPNActu.fr team has selected the suppliers who are worth the detour, in our opinion.


  • ExpressVPN: the provider based in Hong Kong will offer you all the comfort and quality of service you need. With more than 1500 servers around the world you will have no problem placing your IP address. ExpressVPN is even very useful if you are looking for a China VPN. It is one of the few that allows you to unblock all sites once in the country.


  • Circuit VPN: Recently it is the one that allows the most simultaneous connections with a single subscription. Seven in number, you will be able thanks to it to protect all of your devices. Buy Circuit VPN now and browse anonymously.


  •  NordVPN: The Panamanian provider is the reference if you are looking for a significant number of servers. With more than 4300 servers located all over the world, it impresses and unsurprisingly prances at the top of this field. Like its competitors, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, perfect for forming your own opinion.

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