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How To Choose A Good VPN And Which Ones Are The Fastest


A VPN, as we know, is a virtual private network. It has many utilities, always oriented towards privacy and security. It basically consists of joining two teams, but as if it were a private link. We can connect two computers without being physically connected to each other. It also allows us to access pages that in a country may be blocked, for example. There are many options, but they are not all the same. In this article, we will explain how to choose a good VPN and which ones are the fastest chrome vpn extensions.

How to choose a VPN

The main thing in a VPN is security and privacy. It is vital that there are no leaks. Some have deficiencies and we must carefully observe which one we are going to hire or use. We have to know the physical location of the server.

When it comes to privacy, you have to know what types of logs a VPN keeps. There are some that save many, such as the date and time, IP, the bandwidth consumed ... Others, however, do not save anything.

Another feature for choosing a VPN is the price. As we know, there is the option of using some free services and others for payment. In the end it will depend on the characteristics of each one and how it adapts to the user, in order to determine if it is worth paying more, less or using a free service. Cloud flare’s WARP VPN is a prime example of a good performing free VPN.

Something that many users take into account is speed. Paid VPNs usually don't restrict speed, while free VPNs can have their downside here. Regarding the speed, you have to look at the latency and also the upload and download speed. These are aspects that may determine that it is more advisable to choose one or the other.

Fastest VPNs

Looking at the fastest VPNs right now, the one that gets the best score according to Tech radar is Fastest VPN. It is a very complete payment option whose strength is speed.

It has more than 2,000 servers distributed in a total of 94 countries. This is why we shouldn't have a problem finding one. It works very well on mobile devices, both on Android and iOS. Both these applications and the desktop version connect to the optimal server for best results.

Another option among the fastest is VyprVPN. In this case it has about 700 servers in 70 countries. In addition to the standard security protocols and 256-bit encryption, you also have the VyprDNS service and the NAT firewall. Two more aspects to increase security.

Again we are facing a payment option. It has several different modalities that can be adapted to all types of users.

The third and final iPlayer VPN is. It has an option for both mobile and desktop version. It has more than 1,000 server’s available and different security protocols. In total there are three different plans to choose from, all of them paid. Therefore, it does not have a free version.

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