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What Are The Most Preferred Reasons For Mobile Applications?


Some studies show that mobile applications are used more than mobile websites. Applications are often preferred to reach potential customers.

There are various reasons why mobile applications are better quality than mobile websites. Let's examine together;

Mobile applications can be customized;

Personalization; It is about specifying user characteristics that are shaped by interest, location and user behavior. Mobile applications create a personalized experience environment for their users. 

Using mobile device features;

Mobile applications can provide access to the user's personal information to increase the user experience. Device features greatly reduce the time users spend on mobile devices.

Opportunity to work offline;

It can be considered as the most important difference between mobile websites and mobile applications by app development company in Australia. Although internet connection is required to realize the basic features for applications, it can create limited functionality even in offline mode. 

Ease of sending notification;

It will not be possible to direct the customer who has been showered with messages. You cannot sell products to users who are tired of frequently sent messages. Delivering non-intrusive notifications to the user affects the mobile application preference of businesses. 

New brand experience;

Mobile applications offer users a different brand experience because they are different from brands' websitesMobile applications can be used professionally to create exclusive brands. 

Freedom in mobile design;

In order for mobile websites to work, they depend on browser features in the form of "back button", "refresh button", "address bar". From these restrictions, mobile applications can be connected to advanced basic features such as "touch", "swipe", "hold" with many details. 

Don't spend more time;

According to data from Flurry, an international research company, mobile users spend 86% of their time for mobile applications and 14% for mobile websites

Conversion flow;

Mobile applications are directed to various parts in the funnel because they are more targeted (content and benefits). In addition, mobile users can access various mobile websites.

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Brand emphasis;

Mobile application icons can work like innovative banners. The presence of brand applications in the user device creates the perception that the user is related to the brand, even in the absence of use. 

Fast work;

Mobile applications run much faster than mobile websites. Amplitude who use web results mobile websites are good data to mobile devices and stores. For this reason, data acquisitions occur faster on mobile devices. Provides an enjoyable user experience.

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