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3 Stages Responsive App Design


Responsive design means responsive and compatible web design. This design form, which we have heard frequently in recent years, first appeared in 2010. 

This form of web design, which is very popular in our country and in the world, is software created to be compatible with all screen sizes of the visuals and texts on websites that are entered with mobile devices such as phones, tablets.

It is mostly designed in 3 states such as desktop, tablet and mobile version.

As is known, visitors experience difficulties when visiting websites that are not mobile compatible. If the entered website is not responsive, it will be necessary to zoom in to access the area to be read. It will not be comfortable to use due to the limited area display.

It is very difficult to navigate the website menus when they are not responsive. Users will leave your website because the desired link cannot be found.

Responsive designed websites will be much easier to use and understandable.

Fonts and images will be one on the other, so they can be used without zooming.

Even elements of low importance are hidden in responsive designs. Visitors to your page can visit your website in the simplest and simplest form without users' eyes.

Search engines seriously support responsive websites. 

It is more appropriate to make the website responsive with a single URL rather than having a different extension of various subdomain styles such as both own domain name and m.domain.com in search engines.

Search engines are listed regardless of responsive compatibility during mobile searches. 

Website visits over mobile devices increase by 25% worldwide. It is seen that it will increase day by day. 

Responsive websites are increasing day by day. Is your website still not responsive?

Responsive is compatible with all screen resolutions.

Web sites published because they will be prepared with responsive app of any logo design company; to be displayed on desktop computers, high resolution laptops, to be legible; legible viewing on tablets, mobile phones and mobile devices is very important for website visitors. The user should spend quality time on the website without getting bored.

After all, you will get to know the web user closely. When building a responsive designed website, correct coding is as important as the correct design. Because you have to win the sympathy of the users who log in to your website.

As a result; web site owners do not want the internet user to read their content by force while browsing the related pages. 

Do not neglect the responsive web design setup!

It is important to use up-to-date software languages ​​HTML5, CSS3 coding structures and grid design in order to prepare a responsive website.

Mobile-compatible framework systems are used in designs prepared in a grid structure.

Current framework structures named as Bootstrap provide a lot of convenience to software developers in terms of coding. It enables the creation of responsive web images compatible with visitors.

Having knowledge of design and software requires using all of these together to create a website. Providing efficient performance for the job created at the end of the work will greatly reduce your workload. 

Even if it seems like an additional workload for website applications at first glance, the different resolutions and screen sizes of the devices of the users who will visit your website will allow you to get a smooth view with the responsive design.

Responsive design will be very useful to have a healthy website.

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