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Playing a hand of blackjack is one of the most common experiences in casinos around the world. Since the internet has become a mass medium, BlackJack is also one of the most downloaded games in social gaming applications and in any online casino, both in its computer version and คาสิโนออนไลน์.
In this article we are going to refresh your memory about the basic rules and mechanics of the blackjack game, also commenting in passing on how to take advantage of the basic strategy and how to use the blackjack tables; to immediately focus on what we believe is the most important topic we want to make known to you: the possibility of playing blackjack for free and in this way you do not have to risk your money while having fun and enjoying the exact same game that you could be playing for real money.

What you need to know about Blackjack

The way of playing blackjack has not changed in recent years and remains unchanged in all casinos worldwide. Although some variants or modalities can be incorporated based on the prizes that are awarded and on the way to use the insurance; lifelong blackjack or 21 is the most attractive game in casinos thanks to the perfect mix of simplicity in the rules and the possibility of studying and mastering the strategy of the game. It is also worth discovering the differences between Texas Holdem and Blackjack, something that we have already studied in our blog.
Regarding game mechanics, remember that firstly the first two cards discovered by the player are dealt, and then one is dealt to the dealer, also uncovered, followed by a covered one that we will only be able to see after the outcome of the action round and player bet.
The objective of the player is to add 21 points, in case of doing it we will have "Blackjack"; or in any case get in a value closer to 21 than the bank.
Elements of a blackjack game

When we talk about card values ​​in this game, we refer to the number shown by the cards in the index, the figures also having the value of 10 points and the Ace the double value to choose from 1 or 11.
When the player has his two cards it is time to start the betting round, which will be done before making one of the following decisions:
  • stand: we keep the cards there and accept the score.
  • We ask for a letter: the dealer is asked to give us more letters to try to get the 21 points.
  • We double the bet: you can double the value of the initial bet.
  • divide: if the two cards are the same we can divide the game into two card combinations.

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