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SEO Marketing Explained: Important Elements & Benefits

If you are looking for viable ways for online marketing on search engines, then your query may often redirect toward SEO or Content Marketing. Considering how these two are the most powerful tools available, it is only fitting that you come across them. Nevertheless, these two are not usually in the same sentence but they go hand in hand in the online marketing world.
If you are looking to make a viable digital marketing strategy, then you may have thought about ways to get social media presence, or create a Wikipedia biography for yourself or company. These thoughts may have included looking for ways to integrate a blog into a website successfully. Those are important but first you need to understand their specifics, so let us dive right into the discussion.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the act of making a body of text, whether it is on a website, blog or social media, search engine friendly by incorporating keywords into it. SERP or Search Engine Results Page feature pages that are well optimized, as well as feature content that is not overly induced with keywords.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is perhaps the primary form of digital marketing since its initiation. It deals with creating content that attracts organic traffic by making relevant content. Sound familiar? Content marketing aims at targeting a specific audience by creating content that appeals to them. For example, fitness related content for gym-goers or other psychographics of the sort.

Strategic Elements

Now comes the part where you do the maths and understand how these two work together. Unlike social media or email marketing, SEO marketing guarantees results and it does so by heavily incorporating content marketing elements. For example, if you want to buy a car, where would you look for it?
Bingo! Google is the answer. Google would show on its SERP the results with most value. Those results are not decided by google, rather they are the making of a well devised content marketing strategy. It included understanding your need and intent before you even entered your keywords. How did that company achieve that and how can you? Let us look into the specifics.

1.    Market Research

When you hear of the term Market Research generally, it involves complexities including requirement to advertise a product. Its more or less the same in online market, but it mainly deals with WHO you are creating your content for. Therefore, in this part you will identify your audience thoroughly. Including demographics and psychographics. In other words, which age group of people likes what?

2.    Keyword Research

At this point, you might know how SEO and content marketing tie together. They are flip side of the same coin. Therefore, it is imperative in creating compelling content that you incorporate influencing keywords. This is why it is important to look for long-tail keywords. Do not fall for high-ranking usual keywords, because they can be tempting. However, making the ranking among them is highly unlikely.

3.    Content Creation

The pulp of the whole process. The “why” of all this debate. Creating content requires an acute understanding of which kind of audience likes to read, view, and listen to what. That is why the first step, research, was the most important part in identifying. Reason why, creating compelling content is the pillar of your success in content marketing world.

Over To You

You understand the basics; you know what to look for. Now it is up to you to make a viable marketing strategy that serves you well. Keep in mind the following basics and you are ready to take your first step into the world of online marketing.

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