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Boring Tasks You Need To Start Automating With Windows Task Scheduler

Windows task scheduler is among the best tools created by Microsoft and yet most people don’t utilize this powerful tool. Among the powerful features of a windows task scheduler is that you can schedule and automate all those boring tasks you have to perform on a daily basis. You shouldn’t be wasting your time on these repetitive tasks since they can be automated with Windows task scheduler. We’ll share in this article how to automate such tasks to help you save time out of your day by doing other productive tasks that matter the most.

Tasks You Can Automate With Windows Task Scheduler

Sending Automated Emails

Who doesn’t send emails these days? You can spend a few hours sending emails one by one, or you can use windows task scheduler to do the job for you. The tool comes with a different set of rules that allow you to customize the email you want to send to a group of people, and you can also attach files you want to be sent. You can update these files and whenever the scheduled time comes, the windows task scheduler will execute the task without any problem.
Let’s say you want to send a performance report to your staff each week or month, you can do that with windows task scheduler. You just need to set up SendEmail on your PC and then open windows task scheduler to set up everything. There is a process you need to follow and this article will not go deep into that, you can do a quick search online on how to send emails with windows task scheduler.

Open Your Favorite Websites With Browser

If you have the habit of reading your newsfeed every morning, then you don’t need to do it manually. Windows task scheduler can do that for you while you go grab yourself a cup of coffee or your favourite breakfast. You just need to set up the websites you want to open and then set the trigger to execute the task every single day, like 8am or 9am in the morning.

Play Your Favorite Audio

This is another task you can trigger with windows task scheduler. If your alarm clock annoys you or you’re the type that hit the snooze and keep on sleeping, you have a better alternative because windows task scheduler can play your favourite audio with only a few clicks. All you have to do is add the location of your audio and when the scheduled time comes, it will start playing. This is a good way to listen to your favourite podcasts or any audio file you want to listen when you wake up.

Do Monthly Backups For Your Drive

Backups are important and it’s a must for anyone that wants to protect their data, but the safest way to back up your files is on the cloud. Sometimes we get very busy and forget to back up our files for a long period of time. You now have a solution because windows task scheduler can run a consistent backup for your files at any interval you want. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. Just specify the service you’re using for your cloud storage and provide access to windows task scheduler to take care of everything.

Post On Twitter And Facebook

I know there are a lot of tools and services out there that allow users to schedule posts on social media sites, but they do come at a cost. Why not use a free tool that’s available on your Windows operating system! Imagine instantly posting on Twitter or Facebook with just a single line command, no need to open an app or your browser. Windows task scheduler does all these and can be done at any interval; this is also a time-saver for you.

These are just some of the few tasks you can automate with scheduler, most of the repetitive tasks we do with our PC on a daily basis can be automated with Windows task scheduler, and there’s free information online that will show you how to trigger these actions on windows task scheduler. So do yourself a favour and start using windows task scheduler to execute all those boring tasks that are eating up your time.

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