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How You Can Protect Yourself Online During Black Friday Shopping

When you think about amazing Black Friday deals, VPN promotional offers are not the first thing on everyone’s minds. Most people think about all the new gadgets they can buy online from the comfort of their homes. However, you really should be considering VPN discounted deals this November if you want to keep your information secure and away from hackers. Black Friday VPN deals are some of the best in the entire year with several companies offering exceptional discounts. With a VPN, any time spent banking, shopping or even just surfing online form the public Wi-Fi of your favourite coffee shop is secure and unhindered.

Why You Should Avail Black Friday VPN Deals

Black Friday VPN deals offered this year are an absolute steal. Discounts won’t last forever and will only show up again next year. Therefore, you should make this investment to ensure all future online adventures are secure and hassle-free. However, make sure to select a VPN service provider that ranks highly. It should It offers not only quality service but also has affordable subscription packages catering to all kinds of customers. Soon you will forget what a “blocked website” means after experiencing, unrestricted access to the internet.

How Can a VPN Help You Shop Online Safely During Black Friday?

Protection from adware, malware and data loss

Harmful websites often contain pop-up that is disruptive if nothing else. However, they can also insidiously bait you into clicking links you that offer you some incredible promotions such as winning a free PS4 to get you to divulge sensitive data. Sometimes, even legitimate websites can fall prey to hackers where they set up the same traps. Using a VPN secures the connection so that any third party trying to get access will face an iron wall and nothing else.

Protection from identity theft

One of the primary security threats of shopping online is identity theft. The goal for most cybercriminals is to steal as much personally identifiable data as possible so that they can emulate you and use your credentials for their activities. Although identity theft occurs on fake websites typically, legit online retailers can expose their own users to something like that if they suffer a data breach (which we’ll discuss in a bit), or if their platforms become infected with malware.

Phenomenal data encryption

Websites that don’t use SSL encryption (the ones whose URL address starts with “HTTP” instead of “https”) are a significant potential security risk. Primarily because any info you share on these platforms isn’t encrypted, meaning even if the connection is secure, there are vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit if they want. Of course, the option is always there to take the risk anyways if the website has acceptable offers, but even Google now marks non-HTTPS sites as unsafe. To protect yourself, use a VPN that provides AES encryption (military grade) for all data transfers.

Secure potentially unsecured Wi-Fi

Shopping online over an unsecured Wi-Fi is never a good idea. It may seem like an appropriate option to connect to any network and buy that innovative new smartphone on offer for 50% or the at least in fashion clothing brands on just any free Wi-Fi, but that is the worst thing you could do.

If you don’t know how to tell the difference between a secured Wi-Fi network and one that is not, check whether you need a password to log in or not. If it is not, then your online link to any retailing platform is not encrypted and therefore, susceptible to attack. In this case, using a VPN to maintain the integrity of your connection means you can connect to any Wi-Fi you want without worrying about passwords or anything like that.


Don’t fall victim this Black Friday to people looking to exploit your information for their gains. Protect yourself from harm with a VPN such as FastestVPN that offers increased privacy and security with secure encryption for all your data before it enters the world wide web. Online security is a critical element if you spend any time at all on public Wi-Fi networks since VPNs also prevent your activity from unnecessary pop-up ads, trackers and pesky geo-restrictions.

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