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How Do I Get An Air Gun License In India?


Kind of guns that launches projectiles utilizing compressed air or compressed gas rather than producing some gas-burning a powder is considered to be the air gun.

In India, the ministry of home affairs Government of India has notified a new set of arms rules which are set to change the current legal position of gun ownership in India. Earlier there was no license required for any gun of any caliber. Now the rules have changed and are a proper procedure that needs to be followed to keep any kind of guns either for fun or for a hobby.

A new set of rules blank guns, paintball markers, pellet guns, and replicas all these guns will be now treated the same as firearms which will require the arms license and failing to which the penalties would be the same as those of criminal in possession of an illegal firearm.  To understand it better their weapons including air rifles and air guns have two categories.

To easily understand their organs that will emit energy less than 20 joules and has a caliber less than or equal to 0.177mm I will not need any kind of license. This would mean an air gun that produces energy of this category you will not need a license.  Any best air rifle that produces more energy than 20 joules and has a caliber more or equal to the end of 0.177 mm will need to have a license mandatorily. Any organ that looks like a firearm like the replicas will be treated as a firearm and will need to be licensed from being saved from any kind of legal injury. The permissible limits of ammunition for their weapons shall be notified by an order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

For getting a license

 Very application for getting a license under the arms rules 2016 needs to be submitted in the form an A1 -A14 as applicable for the category of the license applied. Further, there needs to be a separate application form specified for allied services and other matters in Form B 1 -B4 of the arms rules 2016.


For getting a license
Every application for the grant of a license under the Arms Rules, 2016 shall be submitted in Form A-1 to A-14 as applicable to the category of the license applied. Further separate Application Forms have been specified for other  allied services and other matters in Form B-1 to B-4 of the Arms Rules, 2016.

Application for getting a license

As per rule 11 of the Arms Rules, 2016, an applicant has to submit the following documents along with the application form:
(a) four passport size copies of the latest photograph of the applicant (in white background);
(b) proof of date of birth;
(c) identification proof ─
(i) Aadhar Card; or
(ii) in case the applicant does not have Aadhar Card, a written declaration in the form of an Affidavit to be submitted in this regard along with an alternative identification proof which may include Passport or Voter’s Identification Card or Permanent Account Number (PAN) card or Identity Card issued to the employees;
(iii) in case of exemptee sports persons, shooters identification card issued by the National Rifle Association of India.
(d) Residence proof in case the applicant does not possess Aadhar Card or Passport, which may include ─

 (i) Voter’s identification card; or
(ii) electricity bill; or
(iii) landline telephone bill; or
(iv) rent deed or lease deed or property documents; or
(v) any other document to the satisfaction of the licensing authority.

(e) safe use and storage of firearms undertaking referred to in sub rule (4) of rule 10;
(f) for professional category applicant, referred to under clause (a) of sub-rule (3) of rule 12, self-attested copies of the educational and professional qualification certificates, wherever applicable;
(g) medical certificate about mental
health and physical fitness of the applicant with specific mention that the applicant is not dependent on intoxicating or narcotic substances (in Form S-3);
(h) in case of an application for a licence in Form IV, the particulars specified in sub-rule (2) of rule 35 along with a permit from the authority empowered under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972)

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