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Is Your Cat Itching?

Is your cat itching? If your cat has dry, red, skin, hotspots or is scratching and itching - we can help!.  We have many success stories to stop cat itching and cat skin problems.
  The secret is Omega 3s.  They are often missing in commercial cat foods and are considered an ESSENTIAL fatty acid.  "Essential" means your pet needs them in the diet to have a healthy skin and coat..   That is why supplementation with products like NUPRO and Omega Synergy is so important - they all contain different forms of essential fatty acids.  The more variety - the more beautiful your pet's skin and coat! You're also welcome to check these cat fur care tips to be even better acknowledged in this question.

The Coat is the Reflection of Internal Wellbeing

                Your cat’s skin and coat is a reflection of her overall health on the inside. Dry coat, cat itching, red skin, hotspots, dandruff, smelly coat are all signs that your pet’s diet and digestion need improvement.  MANY cat ALLERGY AND SKIN PROBLEMS ARE LINKED TO POOR DIGESTION.  This is because your pet's intestinal tract is responsible for absorbing and utilizing the nutrients found in food.  If the intestinal tract is inflamed due to food allergies and other causes, your pet will not be able to absorb his food properly.  Over time, inflamation builds up and wears down the immune system.  That is why many times, cats with chronic scratching, itching and skin problems have both yeast and bacteria overgrowth.  Your cat can develop a yeast/candida problem as a result of using antibiotics which kill the good bacteria and provide an optimum environment for yeast to grow.  That is why we offer the Mycozyme product (must be used with the Probiotic to restore good flora) which helps to control the yeast. The Mycobactin and Notatum combination will control the bacteria.  More than likely, your cat also has a weakened immune system though from poor digestion and Digestzymes are crticial as well as changing the diet to avoid food allergies. 
                Cat health expert Bernie Lewee states that food and environmental allergies can also cause cat skin and coat problems and lead to excessive cat itching and scratching.  Pets with allergies can start to smell quickly even after a bath. You may have a white powdery residue on your hand when you touch their fur. Read more on allergies
                Many cat skin and coat problems can easily be remedied with a change of diet, enhanced absorption of vitamins and minerals and supplementation. However, chronic cat skin problems, scratching and itching over time indicate poor digestion, allergies and a weakened immune system.  cat skin problems require patience and a controlled protocol with an expert professional to help you and your cat get well.  You can try to do it yourself but at our animal hospital, we have found that the patients who invest in the consultations fare the best and get the problem finally under control.  Generally at least an initial consultation and a follow-up visit is required.  We offer affordable consultations starting at $65 for an initial telephone consultation to get your cat's skin and coat problem resolved.  Click here to learn more about consultations.
                It is a misnomer that pets normally smell. A healthy pet should have a coat that is fairly odorless, with natural sheen and soft to the touch. cat itching and cat skin problems are a sign there is something wrong!

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