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3 (Legal) Ways You Can Get Netflix for Free

“How can I get Netflix for free without a credit card and forever?”

I’ve heard that question more times than I can remember. It almost always comes up when we talk about cable TV and especially free cable TV alternatives.

Netflix, as is, even with its paid subscription plan, is still ahead of many cable TV packages by miles, especially when it comes to pricing and what it offers.

On Netflix, you can stream anything from classic television shows to modern blockbuster movies.

You can get access to original shows that you won’t find elsewhere, instantly, making it one of the best ways to watch TV.

It has a really extensive library, meaning you won’t run out of stuff to watch.

It also allows you to watch from a variety of devices, like your Smart TV, Xbox, and mobile phone.

On top of that, it’s a commercial-free platform.

All of that has made Netflix one of the most popular ways to watch TV and movies.

In fact, Netflix now has more subscribers than cable TV, which is pretty impressive for a platform that has only offered streaming services since 2007.

What’s also great about Netflix is its low price point.

Netflix provides three different membership plans, all of which are significantly cheaper than your traditional monthly cable subscription.

Here’s what each membership tier will cost you per month:

  • Basic: $7.99
  • Standard: $9.99
  • Premium: $11.99

While that is pretty inexpensive, getting something for free is even better than getting it for a low cost. That’s why you might want to know if there’s any way that you can get Netflix for free.

Fortunately, there are many methods that allow you to get Netflix for free for a certain period of time.

There are also many free Netflix alternatives out there as well.

But if you want to stick with original but don’t want to pay for it, check out these hacks for getting Netflix for free.

1. Get a Free Trial

When it comes to free trials, Netflix certainly is a generous platform.

It offers users a free, month-long trial of its services.

So, you can easily sign up for Netflix and watch all of the content it has to offer for a whole month, without having to pay anything.

But, you will need to enter a payment method, like a credit card, in order to qualify for the free trial.

And, once the 30-day trial period is up, you will be charged for the next month if you don’t cancel your membership beforehand.

Handily enough though, Netflix sends you a reminder email a few days before your trial is set to expire.

What’s handy is that Netflix, in many regions, offers PayPal as a payment option.

So, if you’re wondering how to get Netflix for free without a credit card, then this is a good choice.

Some people, on websites like Quora and Reddit, state that you can sign up for multiple free trails by using a different payment method and email address to sign up.

But, this isn’t a reliable way to get Netflix for free.

Netflix clearly states that only one of its free trials is allowed per household, and it is pretty good at detecting accounts and devices that are the same person.

2. Extend the Free Trial

While Netflix does state that it only offers one trial per household, the company does sometimes allow you to try the service for free for a longer period or even multiple times.

There are two ways in which you can get a bigger free trial from Netflix, without breaking its terms of service.

  • Wait a month or so between free 30-Day Trials

If you wait for a month or two between free 30-day trials, Netflix might send you an invite to try another free trial, meaning that, again, you can watch Netflix for free online.

This doesn’t always happen, but sometimes it does.

So, if you’re not in a hurry to watch Netflix, then you might want to consider simply waiting a month or two once your initial 30 day trial period is over, and there’s a chance you’ll get offered another free subscription.

  • Call and Ask

Shortly before your trial period is due to end, call Netflix customer service on (866) 579-7172, and ask them to extend it for you.

Simply state that you’ve been busy and that you haven’t had the time to give it a full try out.

It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does, and Netflix customer service will give you another 30-day free trial.

It’s definitely worth a try.

3. Check out coupon websites

Coupon websites aren’t just good for saving money on your groceries.

They can also be used to get a discount on Netflix.

On these websites, you can find a plethora of discounts, promo codes, coupons and other savings deals that can get you Netflix for free, for a certain period of time.

Here are a few platforms that are worth checking out:


This popular daily deals website often has coupons, promo codes and other discounts that can save you money on Netflix, and give you a free period of Netflix access.

For example, coupons for things like a free three month trial of Netflix are often available.

Coupon by Everafterguide

Another great platform to visit if you’re wondering how to get Netflix for free is Coupon by Everafterguide.

This website offers more than 500,000 Coupons for 50,000 Stores, as well as promo codes.

And, you’ll find plenty of codes and coupons for Netflix on there, many of which give you free access to the platform.

On the website, you’ll find coupons for Netflix, like get 90 days free or 12 months free.

Overall, this website is a good source for free Netflix codes, as you’ll often find coupons that give you access to free Netflix, for quite a long period of time.


Popular coupon platform Coupons.com is another good place to find discounts for Netflix.

On the website, there are a plethora of coupons for Netflix, which can give you access to a free period of service.

There’s not always many deals available, and certainly not as many as you’d find on sites like Coupon by Everafterguide, but it’s still worth taking a look at Coupons.com.


On RetailMetNot, you’ll find a plethora of coupons for Netflix, such as one year for free and a 7-day free trial.

There’s quite a varied selection of coupons available on the platform, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Giving Assistant

Another great source for Netflix coupons and promo codes is Giving Assistant.

On this website, you can find coupons that get you Netflix for free, for quite a long period of time.

For example, at the time of writing, there’s a coupon that gets you a free subscription for a year. You can see what coupons are currently available by visiting the site.

Bonus: Free Netflix subscription with T-Mobile

Thinking about switching your phone provider?

If you go with T-Mobile you can get a free Netflix subscription for life (as long as you stay with T-Mobile).

You get the standard subscription plan which enables you to watch Netflix on two different devices for free.

You can upgrade to the premium plan for a discounted rate of $3 a month.

For more details and to see if you qualify, check out T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us page.


You might wonder how to get Netflix free for life or how to get Netflix for free forever – but, there’s no legal way to get the service completely free indefinitely.

Using the methods outlined above, you can get Netflix for free for long periods, like a year for example, or you can cycle through free trials that will also get you the service at no cost for a long period of time, but there’s no one thing that you can do to instantly get the service for free indefinitely.

So, give one of the methods above a try, and you can enjoy Netflix for free!

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