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Smart Assistant: 8 Mobile Apps Each Traveler Must Have

When you are going on a trip, it’s very important to have everything at hand. Fortunately, modern technologies make life much easier, because now almost everything needed for travel easily fits into a mobile phone: maps, information about interesting sights, as well as bank accounts.

In addition, by using a mobile device, you can easily book a hotel or rent a car through Orlando FL car rental under 21. Today, the choice of applications for travelers is very large. The following mobile apps will surely make your journey experience better and save your nerves.


This app offers highly detailed maps of over 300 countries. What is most pleasant is that you don’t need an internet connection to use it - all maps work offline.

Despite the fact that the maps are quite large in size, but you can only download the country you need, and they eventually work quite quickly.

There’s a search, the ability to add places to bookmarks, as well as send tags by SMS or e-mail. Maps are often updated, so the data is almost never out of date.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: free of charge

My eVault

This is a must-have service for those who always lose a passport. This is a virtual box for storing copies of all necessary documents: a passport, driver's license, tickets and insurance.

In addition, it can store information about your accounts and keep records of purchases, as well as calculate the amount of insurance coverage and warn you if the policy ends soon.

Availability: iOS

Price: free of charge


Let's hope that this application will never come in handy, but in extreme cases it’s worth having it at hand. This is the base of phone numbers of all emergency services in 200 countries, including police, ambulance, and fire brigade.

The location is determined automatically. Numbers can also be entered manually. For example, contacts of your homeland embassy and telephone numbers of relatives and friends should be included anyway.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: Android - $0.52, iOS– $1.18

Free Wi-Fi Finder

This application searches for password-free internet access points. There is an offline base for each region, including 104 countries - it can be downloaded before the trip. Also, you can configure automatic search. In this case, if the application is in the area of ​​the public network, then it will connect to it your smartphone immediately.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: free of charge


Initially, this social network was created in order to find free accommodation all over the world. More than 7 million users post their offers: who and when they are ready to accept, whether it’s possible to stay with children or cats and other conditions.

As a rule, a room is provided for free, but the cost of food or entertainment is divided between the lodgers. However, it’s not necessary to live with anyone - many travelers use this service to find friends in an unfamiliar city. You shouldn’t worry about safety: all accounts are checked, and all reviews are authentic.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: free of charge

Packing PRO (iOS) and PackPoint (Android)

These applications create a virtual list of things to bring to the trip, so as not to forget anything. You can create several lists at once: for example, for trips to the sea and for hiking in the mountains.

The services allow adding items, creating reminders and so on. If the suitcase is lost during the flight, this list will also come in handy.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: Packing PRO - $3.6, PackPoint – free of charge

ParkMe Parking

This is a very useful app to search for parking spaces in major cities of Europe, USA and Canada. It determines geo-location, tells where the nearest free parking is and how much does it costs.

It will help to find your own parked car, if it was too fun at the disco the day before. Also, ParkMe will show how much money you have to pay for parking.

Availability: iOS, Android

Price: free of charge


Social networks are a very convenient tool for uniting people with similar interests and hobbies. But if for someone it’s enough to have accounts on Facebook or Twitter, then the drivers can also use their own service. One of the most popular of them is Waze network with several million users worldwide.

It’s a unique combination of a navigation application and a traditional social network. Waze users share with each other information about traffic jams, problems on the road, accidents, and police. All these data are displayed on the map and taken into account when creating the route of the trip, which, depending on the situation, may change in real-time.

In order for users to be interested in adding events, Waze uses a game system with earning points for actions and increasing the rating of participants.

Availability: iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Price: free of charge

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