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Mobile Technology: 8 Ways to Use It in Modern Cars

Today we can no longer imagine our life without information technology. They are firmly established in our reality. They are used in various fields of activity, including the automotive industry. For example, special services allow you to determine the damage of the car, to perform its full diagnostics, and with the help of mobile services you can pick up Payless car rental San Juan or at any suitable destination you need.

Cars have long been able to slow down and accelerate without human intervention, as well as determine the distance to objects and their location. Vehicles feature a variety of driver assistance systems, such as radar, cameras, GPS systems, and they have been successfully used day by day.

But what can we expect in the nearest years? How will the automotive industry develop and what innovations are being applied now and will they be applied in the future?

Internet and car

The car is increasingly interacting with the Internet. Some believe that such a connection will have an even greater effect on road safety: in particular, the driver’s distraction will increase.

But there are also some advantages. You can expect such services as a reminder about car maintenance with a variety of information support, the ability to automatically choose the nearest service center, as well as use it for entertainment.

Synchronization with devices

In addition to Internet access, cars have the opportunity to more closely interact with computers and mobile devices. Now you will not surprise anyone with the presence of a USB charger in the car. It will be possible to remotely update the software of different systems in the car, without using the services of specialists.

Also, when a malfunction occurs in the car, the dealer will be able to remotely find the cause and indicate ways to solve the problem, or fix the breakdown if the malfunction was happened in the computer system.

Holographic Information Display

The task of this device is to display information directly on the windshield. At the moment there are models that can display information about speed, direction of movement and other data. Such a system will be very useful in adverse weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

Interaction with the infrastructure

Soon all the cars will be connected with each other and the road service systems as a whole. The idea is to make possible the interaction of your car with the infrastructure of the city, for example, with webcams at intersections, road signs and traffic lights.

If the driver knows about the busy streets or road conditions, he will be able to change the route, saving time and money. In case of an accident, it will report to the surrounding vehicles, so that their drivers can slow down in time.

Blind Spot Monitor

This is a very useful technology that can improve road safety by monitoring the so-called blind spots and the road marking. The system will warn the driver if he begins to change the traffic lane without a turn signal, and will also prevent the accident if the lane is occupied by another car.

The road marking detect system will use small cameras that will read the markings on the road, and if the driver crosses it without turning on the turn signal, the system gives a light or sound notification. For example, in Infiniti cars automatic braking is applied from one side of the car to prevent the car from leaving the lane.

Parking Assistant

Some automakers install automated parking assistance systems. The system works as follows: with the help of radar, the car determines whether it has enough space to park. Then it helps the driver to choose the right steering angle and practically puts the car in the parking space. Such a system is extremely useful for novice drivers.

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras can also be used in cars - they can reduce accidents at night. The system will help the driver to see road markings, signs, as well as pedestrians and animals in the dark. BMW uses an infrared camera that displays the image on the screen in black and white. The camera detects objects at a distance of 300 meters. In turn, Toyota is working to improve night vision systems so that the driver can feel more confident at night.

A prototype camera was presented, whose actions are based on algorithms and image building principles that were discovered during the study of the functioning of the eyes of night beetles, bees and moths.

Such a digital image processing algorithm will capture high-quality frames in conditions of poor visibility and at high speed of the vehicle. Also, the camera can adapt to changing light conditions.

Remote Ignition Block Technology

It’s possible to remotely slow down transport, preventing the hijackers from hiding from the police while chasing. Now there’s a new opportunity that will help return stolen cars in a short time.

This technology is called Remote Ignition Block. The OnStar provider has the ability to send a signal to a computer in a hijacked car, which will cause the ignition system to lock, not allowing it to restart. This technology will not only return the stolen cars to their owners but also prevent dangerous chases.

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