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12 Top Websites to Download Full Version PC Games for Free

We are back with a new list of best sites by which we can download PC games for free. What if I told you that you could download paid PC games for free and legally? Yea, you heard it right. Today, we will list 12 best websites using which you can download free PC games for Windows. I know buying games DVDs is one of the most painful things for a gamer. So most of the guys like to download computer games for free. Moreover, we were getting many emails from our readers who were asking for the best sites to download PC games for free. Don’t tell me you hate playing games on PC. If you really hate games, you wouldn’t have been here.

In a year, many big PC games release in every sort of category. Whether you are into Action/Adventure games, Strategy games, RPG, Racing games, Shooting games, etc. you’ll find a lot of latest PC games release in your favorite category. Some people love games from different genres, so they need a go-to-place to download games of every genre. Now, not every one of us wants to pay for playing games for a couple of hours so here is a list of top free games downloading sites. You can download full versions of your favorite games for free.

So, instead of risking your money, why don’t you try the way to free download these games? That’s why I am here today with the ultimate resource of best sites to download PC games for free. So here we have covered the full top 12 websites from where you can download PC games for free. These websites shown here are all tested and they are safe for downloading games.

There are many sites which are providing free PC Games download of the full version of new & popular games and if your hands are tight on money then you can use these sites to download & install full PC games for free. Today, through this article, I am providing a list of top 12 free PC games download websites that provide direct download links to big & small PC games with required files to unlock & start playing the game properly in your Windows PC.

If you just search on Google for the best sites to download games for PC, you will get a lot of websites. The fact is nothing worth your time and effort. Most of them offer a very basic game that is suitable for a Kindergarten student. So, how to get free pc games without paying a penny for premium content?

But Here, we have prepared a list of the 12 best sites to grab premium games for free.

Are you ready to dive into the list?

Here we go.

1. Ocean Of Games

Ocean of Games is undoubtedly one of the best sites to download PC games for free. You can download almost every popular game for free from this website. Moreover, UI of this site is very clean and there are no Pop Ads either. All games which you can download from this website are hosted on their server only, so you can expect high-speed downloads without any hassle from them. To download any game, just search for its name in the Search widget (located in the sidebar) or you can look for different games too by clicking on different game types from Navigation Bar.

2. Origin Games

Most of the graphic intense games are not free. You have to use your credit to get your hands on it. I know you might have used quite a number of pirated versions. But sadly, they can become useless anytime. So, what’s the legit way to get premium games for free? Is there any best website to download PC games for free? Yes, there is. That’s EA’s Origin. I am pretty sure that you are familiar with the brand name EA as a game lover. EA is one of the pioneers in video game making with a lot of popular games.

You can’t get all of the EA’s games for free here. They provide one free game at a time. It’s like a giveaway. Just sign into their website to claim your copy.

3. GameTop

Maybe you are not a fan of big games. Sometimes PC with limited hardware specifications can’t afford one. In this case, you can’t enjoy the pleasure of playing high-end games. The best thing to do is downloading low-end games with small size and installing the same on your system. On such an occasion, you can rely upon GameTop.

On the homepage, you can see games under various categories. If you want to go for pretty new releases, consider those under New Games. Just scroll down a bit. You will see the best and online games as well. The online games can only become playable only if you get an internet connection with decent speed.

You will see the names of different platforms on the top navigation bar. That means you can download games for any platform from GameTop. The second navigation bar contains the names of several genres. If you don’t find your favorite game, you are free to use that search field.

4. CNET Download

Every internet user is aware of the CNET website. They provide a lot of useful guides for computer users. Along with the guide, you can download desktop tools from there as well. The CNET download section for Windows games is one of the best sites to download PC games for free. You can download both popular and new items from CNET.

The link I gave above will lead you to a page where a number of computer games are listed. All you have to do is just hitting that download button. The download time varies depending on the size of the file. Right to some games, you can see a Buy Now button along with the Download option, which means that particular game has a premium version. On top of the screen, a large search bar is provided. If you end up finding none of your interests, just type the name of your favorite game into it.

5. MyRealGames.com

Just like GameTop, this website is also for those who don’t want to play high-end games.

The games are categorized into online, mobile and computer games. You can choose any of these from the homepage.

As in any other website, a secondary navigation bar is also available with the names of different genres. If you like shooting genre the most, click on the same link.

6. Acid Play

Want to download those games which you used to play on your video games earlier like Super Mario, Contra 3, Street Fighter? Then Acid Play is one of the best websites to download such games. Though, don’t expect any high-end games on this website. You can also check the rating of these games before downloading them in your PC/Computer.

7. AOL Games

Actually, AOL Games is not a site to download PC games. Instead, you can play online games for free here. I have included this website here because AOL Games is one of the best websites to play online games. The best thing that makes this site unique is they don’t compel you to register. Even though a sign-up option is available, you can play games without signing up. On the homepage, you can see a search bar where you can type the name of any of your favorite games and hit enter to find it. Beneath the search option, a navigation menu with names of genres can be seen. If you click on any of them, you will land in that particular category.

You can play multiplayer games as well, even with unknown people. Invite your friends to play games on one of these best games listed there. And, it would be fun playing with them.

8. Mega Games

Mega Games is another site to Download Full PC Games for free. You can also download PS4/PS3 games for free from this website. You can also download game mods, cheats, trainers and fixers from this website. You can directly search for any game and download it from the website.

9. AllGamesAtoZ.com

All Games A to Z is an old website which is providing free games download from years. It provides free download to full version PC Games for PC, MAC, and Linux operating system and sometimes, you’ll also be able to see downloads of Xbox, PS, etc. You can browse games either by their genre or Alphabetically. The website also has a helpful forum where you can post your queries related to games and get a well-detailed solution/answer.

10. Caiman.us

This is one of the best sites where you can get the best games for free on your Pc. One of the best sites where you can find the huge collection of the best games that you will love to play on your PC and all the games are free here. It is a free online gaming source that provides you game lists, game downloads and game reviews and lots more that you will get to know after visiting the site.

11. FreePCGamers.com

FreePCGamers is a website focused on free games. Games that are unfairly overlooked since a lot of them maintain great qualities. This site reviews those games to make sure they get their 15 minutes of fame. They cover all game genres: action, adventure, casual, girl games, first-person shooter, musical, platformer, racing, role-playing games, simulation, sports, strategy, and more.

12. FullGames.sk

FullGames.sk is an ideal site that you want to remember on tips always because this site provides the free download link to full PC Games whether they are small or big. You can find lots of popular games in many different genres and if you’re looking to play online instead of downloading games, you can find lots of amazing games here which you can play online instantly.

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