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BlackBerry Joins The World of Blockchain with a New Platform

blackberry joins blockchain
Recently, BlackBerry Limited announced its creation of a Blockchain solution with the objective of sharing data safely among health care providers in order to improve the results obtained by patients. BlackBerry, which once dominated the mobile phone industry, has now decided to dive into the sea of ​​the blockchain.

On Thursday, October 4, The Canadian-based technology company announced the launch of its BlackBerry® Spark platform. In the official press release, the company states that it has formed "new partnerships and projects driven by the client" with the intention of "transforming the global provision of patient care enabled by Enterprise of Things (EoT)".

blackberry joins crypto blockchain

Commenting on the launch of this new platform, John Chen, CEO, and CEO of BlackBerry, explained:

"We are applying our experience in security, data privacy, and communication work in regulated industries such as automotive, financial services and government to face one of the greatest challenges in the healthcare industry: take advantage of the final points of medical attention to improve patient outcomes and ensure data security and privacy.”

Specifically, the technology company said it aims to take advantage of Blockchain technology to develop an ultra-secure global ecosystem for storing and sharing medical data. On the other hand, BlackBerry plans to use its renowned network operations center (NOC) in order to feed blockchain news and updates digital accounting book. The NOC is developed by the biotechnology incubator, ONEBIO.

The digital accounting book Blockchain will accept data entries from different sources such as biometric IoT devices, individual patients and laboratories; in addition to ensuring that these data remain tamper-proof. It would also allow the platform to share data anonymously with researchers.

BlackBerry plans to provide its Blockchain solutions to the Global Commission, an organization focused on completing the diagnostic odyssey for children with a rare disease. In fact, it is said that a technology pilot from the Global Commission is exploring the new BlackBerry solution on how it would provide real-time, actionable analytics in order to shorten the diagnostic time.

In addition, BlackBerry has launched a new QNX operating system for Medical 2.0. This operating system aims to develop robotic surgical instruments, patient monitoring systems, infusion pumps, blood analysis systems, etc. With the announcement comes BlackBerry's partnership with the Mackenzie Innovation Institute to explore connectivity and security options between the BlackBerry Spark EoT platform and Mackenzie's vision of "smart" health technology. Mackenzie CFO Richard Tam said:

"By developing a deeper understanding and exploring how our 'smart' systems work with BlackBerry Spark, our goal is to discover new ways to intuitively connect, protect and manage smart technologies in a hospital and positively impact patient care. High quality".

However, BlackBerry is not the only player in the mobile phone industry to explore blockchain solutions. This company previously controlled 50 percent of the global smartphone market, but in 2016 the company only controlled less than 0.1 percent. So the last movement of the signature is observed as a change of horizon.

In fact, in July, the popular smartphone brand HTC announced the development of a blockchain the smartphone called HTC Exodus that will be compatible with Litecoin cryptocurrency. HTC has hired the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, for the development of the phone and more technical assistance.

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