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How To Be Observant While Drawing - Some Major Tips For New Artists

Observant while drawing
Being passionate about art and illustration is great however, that is not everything you need for a successful path and career in this field. If you are good at something, supposedly at art then overusing a specific type of art style holds no value either. You would be stuck in a redundant loop and you would not be able to advance further in your career.

You might need professional advice from illustrators and designers since just drawing on a regular basis is not enough? You need to show more passion and put in more efforts to draw something that is simply impeccable. Children book illustration has gained a lot of popularity currently and you would find several agencies providing children book illustration services so you should make up your mind to do something that is unique and is never been done before.

Observant while drawing

You have to be extremely vigilant in your decisions. For that reason, this article exists and it contains everything you need to know for illustration design. The possibilities in graphic design and illustration are endless but you just need to realize the importance of art and its uniqueness. Once you know how to curate artwork that would be appreciated on a global scale and that is when you have achieved success as an artist.

Here are some tips and facts that allow you to hone your creative flair for digital art.

Pay attention to physical attributes

Every human has unique physical attributes. Gestures poses, and facial attributes and even the clothes they wear, everything differs from one another. Before you begin with the illustration, analyze every intricate detail and then start working on the drawing canvas. Not every human portrait has similar characteristics so if you are looking to become good at illustration design then this tip should be the first in your list.

Symmetry is a rare concept

Know that symmetry in human anatomy is rare. Cartoon characters might have symmetrical features but if you are drawing human anatomical features then the gestures or poses in an illustration can be asymmetrical as well. You do not have to balance every design attribute as if you try to, the illustration design is going to look unnatural. Keep the flow of your drawing smooth and do not be stiff whilst you are drawing. 

Interact with the surroundings

It is certain that your character would be present in a specific environment. It could be a family gathering or a day at school, your characters should be positioned in such a manner that they would fit the next panel of your comic illustration. It does not have to be another panel as the same can be done in the particular space you have left for the character in your artwork.

Make use of visual ambiance and light

The use of light and shadows give a natural feel to an illustration. The color tones of light are few and warm, cool or neutral tones can be used for different forms of artwork. You could be looking to enhance the visual ambiance of your illustration and for that, the intensity of the light tone you have chosen matters. For a dull aesthetics, warm tones fit and if you are drawing a wintery morning then cool tones are the best fit for it.

Focus on facial expressions

Facial expressions are used to express emotion the characters represent. However, it is not only the facial expressions alone as the body language matters here as well. You can say that your focus should be on all the features and gestures of humans that convey a specific emotion, whether it is poses, body language or expressions. Emotions can be conveyed in any form so you should take care of the details you intend to include.

Above and beyond

In order to go above and beyond in your career as an illustrator, you have to exert the utmost best of your skills and utilize your talent to your maximum ability. Keep on drawing and do not be hesitant to try new styles and trends in the illustration field. Enjoy what you are good at and it will yield the result you want for sure. 

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