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Animated Explainer Video Production for Startups: A Brief Outlook On How It Works

Animated explainer
Industries of every sort are being digitized and for that reason, there is a correlation between several industries and companies. Video marketing is a relatively recent form of marketing that has taken the marketing realm by storm. While it has a number of different styles and types, one such popular animation form is known as an animated explainer video.

Explainer videos tend to be short, concise and work the best if you want it for the marketing campaign of a small-scale startup. No matter what type of company you own, for the initial stages of advertising, it is better to stick to video marketing as it consumes fewer costs and generates quality results.

Since now, you are well aware of the importance and potential of explainer videos for video marketing, a few other things are essential to know as well. Knowing the potential of animation does not make the production process easier.
Here are some of the essential points that will help you in video production for startups.

Animated explainer

Shorter video length

If you are a startup then you do not have to highlight all your features, offerings and services at once. Explainer videos are not usually longer than 60 seconds to try to summarize your message in under a minute. That is why try not to stuff the video with additional details, as it would only communicate the viewer. Keep it short and concise so you manage to get your message across to the viewer in on go. There is no point in having an explainer video if the viewer has to rewatch it to understand the message. This notion loses the core essence of having an animated explainer video so try to avoid it at all costs.

Keep it simple and concise

Simplistic always works in videos. It is a misconception if you think adding complex elements to an animation enhance its visibility, as it is the other way around. Some renowned brands initiated their marketing campaigns solely through explainer videos and Google’s Dropbox is a prime example of this concept. Google was able to target billions of viewers and as a startup, you would not be able to do so but with a simple yet effective message, you will surely be able to capture the attention of potential users or customers.

Be visually engaging

The concept of being convincing is correlated to user engagement as well. If your viewers are convinced to choose you then they would surely want to interact with you too. This can be done with a video that is appealing, interesting and not boring in any aspect. In order to have the best explainer video animation, you would need a professional’s help but several tools and software programs exist that allow you to make your video yourself and charge a certain fee. However, it is not recommended to make it yourself so shortlist a professional animator before you proceed with the production.

Have a convincing tone

A convincing tone can be done in both the visual and the narration of the video. If you are not using narration then you can use equivalent textual content to convey your message. This step is essential if you are persuading your viewers to reach out to your business and its offerings. These offerings either could be serviced or could be products so you have to formulate your message in a tone that convinces them to choose you over the competition. Add visuals and messages that portray the significance of your brand and highlight the unique selling/value propositions your brand holds.

The inclusion of call to action in the video

Lastly, if you want to drive traffic directly to your company’s website then a call-to-action can be added to the video. However, only add it to the part where users are already interested and engaged. If they are interested in knowing your brand and its offerings more then shorten the process of search for them by the inclusion of a CTA.  

They will know right where the product or service and that eliminates the hassle of extensive research from their end. Explainer videos are short but they have the potential to contain every sort of message, visual or CTA you add.

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