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What does 5G technology mean?: "You will not notice differences between browsing with data and with WiFi"

5G Technology
What changes will the 5G technology cause? Xavier Vilajosana, the expert in this technology of the Mobile World Congress, describes 2 minutes that this improvement of communications technologies will be a "brutal technological change", since "we are multiplying by a thousand the capacity". "It's going from going on a one-lane highway to a four-lane highway," he compares. 

These changes, which will be seen in a smooth transition as people have phones with sufficient capacity will cause users to have the same capacity as WiFi as on the street or you can read Best Wifi Extenders reviews. "You will not perceive differences," he declares. These new features will be perceived in other aspects of daily life such as driving or a greater capacity to watch videos. 

What does 5G Technology mean

The vehicles will have security systems that will inform the status of the car, its position or its trajectory and there will be a road control that will collect this information and will be able to position them in a very exact way. Thus, when a car leaves its lane or invades the opposite direction, "the system will detect it and be able to stop the vehicle".

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Going down the street you can watch videos in real time or always stream. Vilajosana says that "you will not need to download the movies ", of the amount of gigas you would have. In other aspects where this change would be noticed, there will be a greater security control to see how the pet is, a novelty that is already in vogue in the US or in the counters of the houses could do an automatic reading. 

This network, which is expected to be seen in the big cities next year, is currently being built. It has two parts, infrastructure, and access. The first would already be "quite advanced", only missing mobile phones that could "support this structure". Vilajosana, he adds, that in his opinion, this change will not be noticed in the price of the users of the new devices. 

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