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5 Methods of Learning

Studying and learning. Who has not gotten frustrated because lessons just go over your head? Not everyone adheres to the method of learning that your professor goes by. Millions of students worldwide struggle not because they are stupid but rather because their method of studying is not effective. The professor’s method of teaching may also not be compatible with the students’. 

Regardless of the compatibility and the effectiveness of the methods, it is still up to the students to learn their course materials so they pass their subjects and course.

The way to do this is to discover an effective studying method which you can learn the most. To help you decide, you should try out each method, no matter how out of the world it may seem. Here are the 5 main learning methods according to psychologists. Feel free to experiment and find the best learning method for you.

Visual Learning

Visual learning is a learning method where an individual who is looking to learn uses visual aids like graphs, charts, diagrams, and maps. If this works for you, you should incorporate as much imagery as you can into your visual aids.

Visualization of course materials and lessons will come easily to you. This also means that during exams, a specific image will cause your brain to recall much more lessons than any other object. If your professor prefers to use graphs and charts in his exams then Visual learning might be something that is worth your time. Visual learning takes a bit of an effort as it requires you to make charts and diagrams that should be aesthetically pleasing. You also need to take into consideration which images to use, color scheme, etc. All of these factors will affect the effectiveness of this method.

Auditory Learning

Auditory learning is a learning method in which a person acquires information through the auditory system. If this works for you, there are some audio books and lectures that are available. Auditory learners prefer to hear the course material in order to understand. Repeated learning through listening and talking is a method that you might want to try. This requires very little effort although this admittedly takes up time.


This is perhaps one of the most preferred learning methods as it sounds quite easy. Just reading and/or writing through course materials (ie. books, essays, notes, etc) is enough for these types of learners to effectively grasp the subjects. This method pores through the Internet, Wikipedia PowerPoint lectures, dictionaries, journals, and other publications. As long as it has words, students with this method will flourish.


Kinesthetic learning is a learning method which uses experience and practice. In a manner of speaking, this method is great for subjects that require you to do a specific action. This also covers demonstrations, simulations, and footage of actual actions. The method of application is what is key in this method of learning. Culinary Arts, for example, is one subject that kinesthetic learners will really star in.


Lernen durch Lehren is a German phrase which in English is translated to “learning by teaching.” This method of learning may be out of the normal curriculum and probably a different route than what most professors and universities would resort to. However, it has been proven to be effective for some students.

Learning by teaching, as the name implies, is a method of teaching where students are made to learn the course material then prepare lessons out of it to teach other students, often their coursemates and classmates. This method is particularly enjoyable as it urges its students to be creative on how they will interpret and teach their topics.

Another great thing about this method is that not only are you helping yourself but others as well. There is also an opportunity for you to earn when you do the Learning by Teaching method. If you are confident about your teaching skills, you can post your services as an online lecture. Many will be grateful because of your help.

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