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Best Free Website Builders of 2019

Best free website builders
In spite of technology making everything easier, making changes in the website is a challenging task. However, there is always a way to improve your experience. In this case, we are talking about website builders. With the help of website builders, your website looks attractive, becomes more responsive, and allows portraying your business.

Are you in search of finding the right website builder for your business? Then guess what you are definitely in the right place. In this blog, we have mentioned down best free website builders of 2019 according to experts recommendation. 

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Before we get into the blog, there are basic things you need to consider while selecting the website builder. To know more, keep scrolling! 

• SEO friendly

• Mobile friendly 

• Simple to access 

• Range of templates 

• CSS, Java and HTML

• Import and export of the website 

Best Website Builders of 2019 

1. WordPress

There is no doubt that WordPress is the ultimate and free website builder among billions of people. When you are using a premium version for WordPress, then you certainly need some technical skills for Wordpress development. The output is always better. 

But, if you don’t want any hassle, then WordPress.org is a relatively easy option to build a website. There are varieties of templates available in it. You shall find almost similar features in it but if you were interested in blogging then we would highly recommend you to go for WordPress premium version. 

2. Wix 

The second most platforms after WordPress in website builder are the Wix. A supreme and free website builder, Wix gives you a library of innovative features. If you want then there is an option of creating a website from scratch or use the ADI tool known as Artificial Design Intelligence. 

It is a great option for beginners who can create a basic website with good-looking templates. For someone who wishes to add a tweak of designing can use the Wix editor that offers you powerful functionality to make it look striking. 

3. Squarespace 

In the field of web development, Squarespace has made its space within no matter of time. When you start using the website builder, you might feel an abundance of tools and features. Nevertheless, as soon as you start using them, you feel perplexed and fatigued already. 

Here is where the role of Squarespace comes to existence. Everything is streamlined. For instance, if you click on the theme box, then it presents various customizations. Hence, it becomes convenient to build a website with the help of the Squarespace website builder. 

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4. Joomla 

Joomla is a free online and offline website builder. In the world of CMS Joomla turns out to be quite popular. Similar to WordPress, it presents you two options to create the website. The first one is the joomla.org and second, you can create by hosting on the company’s server.

Joomla is not easy to work with, as there are plenty of menus and options to work with. However, the setup process is simpler thereby making it an ideal option for the beginners. Due to which the beginners opt Joomla. There are many themes and extensions making it a better selling point. 

5. Mozello 

Unlike any other website builders, Mozello permits you in creating multilingual websites free. It is an advantage for businesses that are widespread. It offers you great features like an online store, blogging, SEO, and many other features of web designing. 

Often while creating the website, there’s a small advertisement being displayed on the footer. The 500 MB storage is being included in the package, which is an interesting factor. 

6. SiteBuilder 

One of the top ranking website builders in 2019 turns out to be the SiteBuilder. The best part about this website builder is that you can use the drag and drop features that help you in creating an enticing website. You will not have to compromise in terms of performance or anything. It’s affordable and great user experience.  

So, that was all about the best free website builders of 2019. Each website builder is being tried and tested by experts. Select according to your requirements and launch your website in 2019.

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