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Enhance Your Digital Art Further With the Best Procreate Brush Sets

Enhancing digital art
Mobile apps for digital designing and artwork seldom become famous but one such widely used and popular app for iPad is Procreate. It has made the practice of using software programs and desktop tools outdated and is bringing more and more new digital designers and artists towards apps for painting and designing.

enhance your digital art

However, at times, the app or the software alone cannot provide you with the user experience and performance you require for artwork creation. You have to be quick, effective and should have a firm grip over the tool or app you are using. For that reason, you would need to rely on external plugins. The brush sets and collections for Procreate are several but we have found the best ones for you.

A free-to-download brush set for Procreate, this collection allows you to draw comic panels and characters effortlessly. Not many apps and software programs contain tools or features that are essential for comic illustration creation but this brush set is all you need if you are looking to draw a comic from scratch.

Designed to make calligraphy creation easy, this brush set allows you to merge the calligraphic font styles into your illustration or any form of artwork. From creating unique shapes to letterheads, this set can be used to enhance the appeal of your drawing with ease. The greatest perk is that it is optimized for Apple Pencil, therefore; you can add frames, textures, patterns and even borders to your artwork by simply using the Apple Pencil.

A set of five fully customized flat brushes, this collection can become your go-to tool for making a unique yet appealing line and brush strokes to your illustration. The collection might not be extensive but the styles and forms of the brushes bring about diversification in the texture, pattern and the overall look-and-feel of the design strokes. It comes with full support with the Apple Pencil and you can use it together with your iPad Pro Procreate app for quality illustration designing.

The use of neon art and font styles would surely not be visible in the artwork of the best fantasy illustrators in the industry but you can use this neon brush kit for typography illustration designing. With a set of 12 neon writing brushes, 1 effects brush, and 3 light pens, you can add extra yet alluring effects to your drawing with this brush set by Mila Garret.

Created by PicByKate, this set contains over 50 brushes that are great for watercolor artwork. While watercolor brushes are mostly used for traditional or hand-drawn paintings but this collection enables you to create the same type of art but in a digital form. The brushes are custom-made and contain effects, textures and unique strokes that you can try out in your illustration.

While Procreate itself contains a wide range of brushes but the designer, Ryan Hamrick, thought of improving the usability of the app by designing a set of custom-made lettering brushes that allow you to draw any sort of lettering style of your choice with less time consumption and effort. The set includes not only a set of 14 brushes having different styles but also an installation guide to assist you further.

One cannot simply leave out pencil or brush sets that make the hand-drawn or traditional art forms reminiscent. This collection consists of over 14 pencil and charcoal brushes that you use with your Procreate app bring a flair of vintage aesthetics. It also works smoothly with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. You can even use these brushes for line art, shading and sketching in general. 

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