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Top Data Loss: Causes and Recovery

Top Data Loss Causes and Recovery
We have come far since the invention of technology was made; innovation and modification happen time and again. Various types of software have been introduced that made our work a lot easier. But software like any other invention comes with possibilities of failures and data loss too. 

Data loss is a common problem. Be it photos, videos, documents, or any other forms of recorded communication; each loss causes equal trouble. At such times, data recovery becomes quite an essential element of the data cycle.

With time, developers have been able to identify the core causes of data loss and provide precautions to prevent damages. This blog talks about the top causes of data loss, preventions and recovery.

Top Data Loss Causes & Recovery

System/Hardware Malfunction 

A malfunction in system or hardware is the popular cause of data loss across the world. A malfunction in a system can vary from electrical failure to head crash to a sudden crash of motherboard due to overheating. There are certain precautions that can be followed for an upkeep of the system.


  • Always keep your system in a dry and dust-free place
  • Installation of UPS can prevent data loss due to electrical/voltage failures 
  • Undertake an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to avoid failures of hardware

Human Errors

It is the most common causes of data loss among individuals. Accidental deletion, reset or format without backup, installing malicious software by mistake, clicking on phishing spams and causing physical damage to hardware or system are some of the common examples that cause data loss.

Despite all that, specific measures can prevent losing data.


  • Make sure to enable the operating system’s auto-backup and recovery preference
  • Block access to untrusted sites/links/emails 
  • Always check for backup before deleting content or formatting drive

Software Dysfunction 

Today, most of the tasks are carried out with the help of software – be it accounting, marketing or any other means of data storage and sharing. Excess dependency on software allows an occurrence of dysfunctions, failures or bugs and data loss. The sudden shutdown of a software, inability to run, sudden reset, constant lag due to low disk space are some of the problems often faced by people. While dysfunctions mentioned above cause data loss, a few measures can help prevent damage.


  • Always enable auto-save and auto-recover in the software
  • Save after every few minutes (CTRL + S) 
  • Take regular online storage backup 
  • Always shut down the computer after every use 

Computer Viruses

Well, not all malware cause data loss; a few affect the pace of computer, some cause data breach and others corrupt files. Nevertheless, computer viruses are known to tamper with the health of a system. In worst case scenarios, they devoid one from accessing online backup, let alone files or folders.
There are precautions, which can help resist a malware attack.


  • Should not download untrusted applications or software
  • Keep firewall security as enabled
  • Install trusted anti-virus only
  • Do not click on suspicious links

Natural Disasters

data loss

Losing precious data due to natural calamities is one of the most uncontrollable situations. Natural disasters such as fire, floods, earthquakes, etc. are rarest of the occurrences in regard to data loss.

While you can’t control data loss in the last situation, you certainly can take precautions to avoid losing data in the rest of them. Well, if you have already lost important files or folders and don’t have a necessary backup to recover, do not over-try – because you might end up overwriting on your data.

It is always wise to ask for professional help in case of damage that can’t be resolved via troubleshooting methods. People tend to use free software or local help, which causes further damage. You should always approach professionals like Stellar Data Recovery who have experts to recover up to 100 percent data.

Being one of the pioneers in data recovery services, it has a presence in 18+ locations across the globe. 

It started its operations in 1993 (25 years ago) and has served more than 3 million customers till now.  Not only that, it guarantees 100% secure and confidential data recovery. 

It has a strong portfolio of Class 100 cleanroom labs, in-house developed advanced technologies and software and a team of 100+ R & D engineers to solve even the complicated data problems within a stipulated time. Recognized and awarded for outstanding services in the IT industry, Stellar has become the first and foremost choice of various Fortune 500 companies.

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