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Tips to Make Your Smarphone Powerful | Retain New Look

As smartphones are part of our daily lives, it's hard to imagine a single day without using them. Are they your best friends or just a tool that makes your life easier? Be that as it may, the fact that it is almost indispensable to live without them in the twenty-first century is undeniable.

That is why one of the crucial questions is how to improve the autonomy of your smartphones since they are one of the essential elements of your daily life. Here are some tips in the following!

How to save battery on your smartphone?

Are you tired of always running out of battery? Are you curious to know how to improve your autonomy? If you do not want your smartphone to always turn off at the wrong time, try to apply one of the tips we will mention later.

If your smartphone has an AMOLED display, you can save a lot of battery life by switching its screen to black and white. In addition, it is better not to use wallpapers, because they consume energy. To save the battery, it is better to use the static wallpapers.

Then, Airplane mode allows you to save battery power. Not only does it block the Internet, but it also blocks all commercials in video games.

Be aware that your phone's vibrate feature consumes a lot of energy. By unchecking this option in the settings of your smartphone, it is possible to save the battery.

By disabling connections that you do not use, such as Bluetooth, NFC, etc., you can also improve the battery life of your device.

Finally, if you feel that these little tips do not help you much, make a reset of your smartphone.

How to make your phone faster?

It can be done by cleaning the RAM of your device so that it becomes faster. Just go to the configuration and then apps and then empty the cache of each application on your device. This allows you to free internal memory, as well as RAM. If you have a Samsung mobile phone, you can use the Smart Manager app. As for other brands, by installing the Clean Master app, you no longer have to worry about the speed of your laptop.

Also, remember to disable applications that you do not use because it can improve the speed of the system.

Properly cleaning your smartphone

Most of the time, the touch screens on our phones are messy of dirt, dust, fingerprints, and other unknown substances. 

It is sad, true, and, frankly, inevitable, to see that it is the part of your handset that you use the most ( unless you use a screen protector, so much the better for you).

So the time will come when wiping the screen of your phone with your T-shirt or fingers will not be enough and you will have to opt for a more thorough cleaning method. Naturally, we are here to offer you some tips on how to get a brilliant and flawless phone screen at a time.

1: Do you get a microfiber cloth

Unlike a paper towel, a microfiber cleaning cloth will not damage or scratch the touch screen of your phone. 

Instead, it will gently collect and remove any dust, stains, or oil that are on the screen. It is advisable to buy a lot of microfiber cloth and keep it all around you, at home, at the office, and even in your bag. You can use them not only for the screen of your phone but also for your glasses, TVs, computer screens, etc.

2: Use water rather than a cleaning solution

If your screen is really dirty and in urgent need of a wash, it is acceptable to use a small amount of water to clean it or a cleaning liquid designed for screens.

Keep in mind that you should never use harsh chemicals on your smartphone screen. 
When buying a cleaning fluid, make sure it does not contain acetone, ammonia or alcohol, seeing that they are not at all good for electronic devices. Why? Especially because they can remove the protective coating of the screen. 

3: Make your screen look new

You have everything you need, now there are only a few suggestions on how to best remove all this dust and dirt.

1. Turn off your phone - mandatory if you use water, plus you'll be able to see the dirt better. 

2. Remove the battery - if you can or want to use a liquid solution during cleaning. 

3. If you simply want to wipe off the dust, without using water, take a microfiber cloth and move it in the vertical and horizontal direction Many times. Continue until the screen is free of dirt. 

4. Using water, wet one corner of the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen as described in step 3. Do not use soap during this process. 

5. When finished, use a dry part of the cloth to wipe off the remaining water or allow it to dry on its own.

No rag around you? Use an adhesive tape!

If you have thrown away your latest microfiber cloth, and you need to clean the screen of your phone right away, you can always count on a tape to help you. It will remove dust and fingerprints on the surface of your smartphones. All you need to do is press the tape on the screen and remove it several times.

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