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3 Ways to Dominate the Search Engines on the Daily Basis

Search engine optimization is a wide and broad subject. There are thousands of books in print about it, speakers of all sorts and sizes, and an entire industry dedicated to it. Nevertheless, in this industry, anyone can prevail. All you need is the right information and a winning attitude. 

If you’re ready to take over the search engines and annihilate your competition, read on. I can only provide you with the information from recommended resources like Google, SEO Magnifier etc. It is you who much take it into action and form the weapon.

3 Ways to Dominate the Search Engines on the Daily Basis

How to Dominate the Search Engines on Daily Basis

Number 1: Planning is what every successful ______ does. You must fill in the blank. You can pretty much insert any type of occupation on the line. Planning is what makes people and business success. Planning is what will make your website successful and will have you dominating the search engines and have your rivals cower beneath you.

Number 2: How do you plan on people finding your site? How will they get arrive to see your awesome site? Links are the essence of SEO. Links help your gain rankings and show the search engines that people like you — will not personally you but your website. The more links well your site will rank. Wait, scratch that, I meant to say the more and relevant links you have the better.

You see, you have to have links, but your links must be relevant to your site. They don’t HAVE to be, but it will help immensely in when it comes to search engine optimization. Let’s say you have a site that’s on video games. Well if you have a few links from a site that is about video game counsels then you’re doing something right. The search engines will reward you for this. 

They see that other relevant sites find your information useful. The search engines job is to get the searcher to the best possible site that meets their needs. As long as your meetings the searchers needs then the search engines find no reason to de-rank you. In fact, they may just bump your rankings!

Number 3: How many times have you heard “content is king”? It’s usually said all over webmaster boards and communities. The saying is true. Content is in fact “King”. The better content you have the more likely readers will share it. In today’s social media internet every one is sharing. So it’s best to keep your content up to date and optimized. What I mean by optimized is optimized for the reader and the search engine.

You want your reader to love your content. You want them to share it and come back to read more. So how do you do this? You do this by writing great headlines, useful content with the help of professional paraphrasing tool and reporting on the latest news. People don’t want old junk. They also don’t want to read something they’ve already read.

If you’re writing for your readers that are fine but remember the search engines. Both can bring you an extremely good amount of traffic. However, the search engines will only bring traffic if you have the right keywords. The search engines care about what people are searching for. So should you. The better keyword research you do the better rankings you will have. The better rankings you have will essentially mean more traffic.


Finally, follow these tips that the search engine optimization is not just a one-time thing. You can just set up some things once and hope for the best. It’s an everlasting experiment. Search engine algorithms change and so do their perspective of what an authority site is. Keep up and don’t fall behind!

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