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Beginners Guide: An Overview on MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting

Being an experienced person, I have come across too many people who don’t know what hosting is all about. This becomes difficult for them to exist in the online market because hosting is the factor that takes your website online. Because when you design a website next step is to buy hosting to make the website live globally.

You will get many web hosting providers in the market that will guide you on how hosting is beneficial for your website. For beginners, I am going to explain the best web hosting provider – MilesWeb and how their hosting service is beneficial for startups or beginners like you.

What is web hosting?

In web hosting, you pay to your Cheap Web Hosting India provider for using their server space to store your website files and data. You get plans on monthly, annually and semi-annually billing cycle and it’s your choice which billing cycle you want to opt for. You get other benefits included in your hosting plan, but these benefits vary from provider to provider. This thing you have to check with the provider what unique features they are offering you. 

What is Unlimited web hosting?

It is a popular term in web hosting that usually attracts the users. It is a term in which you get unlimited disk storage, data transfer (bandwidth) and add-on domain name capacity. Moreover, you get an option to host unlimited domains at an affordable price (normally at Rs.99/mo). On the other side, if you are over utilizing the service, the web hosting provider has a right to limit your rights to handle the situation.

Which provider offers the best Unlimited hosting service?

MilesWeb is your answer!! Because you will get all types of hosting, Unlimited Hosting Plan and domain services at a decent price. MilesWeb is India’s first web hosting provider that is using the Amazon cloud platform to provide web hosting services. The three main benefits of selecting MilesWeb are 24*7*365 support, 30 days money back and 99.95% uptime. They offer three server locations that are India, USA, and the UK.

Plans & Pricing of unlimited hosting:

Head to head comparison with competitors


1) Amazon Cloud Platform:

They are India’s first web hosting provider that offers web hosting on the Amazon Cloud platform. If you sign up with MilesWeb then your website will run on the AWS platform.

2) Website backup:

Apart from hosting, you also get a feature called as website backup & restore at Rs.99/mo only. All your data will be stored on a cloud platform and it quickly restores lost or corrupt files directly to your account.

3) Dedicated IP:

Get dedicated IP address exclusively for your website. You can search your website just by typing the dedicated IP address in the browser address bar. It is also used for SSL installation and you will get this at Rs. 195/mo.

4) SpamExperts:

Protection of the website is the ultimate factor that you are concerned about. Keeping the same in the mind, MilesWeb gives SpamExperts at Rs. 195/- mo only, that protects your inbox from malware, spam and viruses and your incoming emails get filtered. Moreover, you also get Web Application Firewall, Cloud Acronis backup and Codeguard at a minimal price.

5) Sitelock Basic:

Sitelock is another security factor that the website owners use to lock their website for security purpose. This feature is useful to protect the website from malware, guard against hacker attacks, identity thefts, and other vulnerabilities. This gives assurance to your customers that your website is secure and safe.

6) Google Webmasters:

In this whole article, you learn about hosting factor, but this is something that most providers don’t offer, but MilesWeb provides this feature for a lifetime at Rs. 975/only. With the help of this feature, you can monitor statistics, diagnostics and manage the Google indexing. 

7) Analytics integration:

You can monitor the traffic immediately after working on backlinks with the help of Google analytics. To buy this feature, you have to only pay Rs. 975/only for a lifetime. 

Ratings of MilesWeb on various rating platforms:

Extra Income Source: Affiliate program

Are you a new blogger or startup? Looking for unique techniques to increase the traffic and income, then Affiliate program is the best solution. You can easily trust MilesWeb affiliate program for getting extra income along with other benefits. This is because other affiliate programs are a little bit tricky and difficult to gain a commission. Moreover, you also get Rs.1000/- sign up bonus and attractive banners that you can use on your website to attract the customer.

Benefits of selecting MilesWeb affiliate program:

  • No registration fee
  • Sign up bonus
  • Best commission
  • Short withhold period
  • Easy payout
  • Eye-catching banners

How to start:

Step 1: Sign up for the affiliate program

Step 2: Login to the affiliate portal and select the banner or text links as per your blog website design

Step 3: Place the banners or text link on your website/blog and start earning.


I hope this article is more than enough for a newbie to understand the hosting and related terms. MilesWeb is the right destination to host your website and you can also check other review platforms to know more about MilesWeb or contact their support team. Share your views with us below in the comment box.

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