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15+ Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

The economic world is controlled by data and information. There are several threats of cyber crimes rising against the Internet society. One of the threats is Hacking. Many youngsters would like to become a hacker. In this post, you will see the list of best websites to learn ethical hacking from scratch.

When we think about a hacker, one thing that comes in front of our eyes is a man with a mask and a black hat. 

Have you ever seen a man with a white hat and without a mask? His name is Ethical Hacker. 

People who work for cyber-security to build the additional layer of securities and patches are treated as Ethical Hackers. 

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An ethical hacker knows how to penetrate a website through vulnerability. He also knows how to clear the vulnerability to make the website strong.  

All the Internet data are stored on servers. Ethical hackers are working hard to protect these servers from Blackhat hackers. 

White hat hackers work with ethics whereas a black hat hacker may work without ethics. 


For example, assume that a website is vulnerable to SQL injection. If you penetrate into it through hacking tools to take down the site or grab the sensitive data, you will be called as blackhat hacker.

If you create a patch for the website and inform the website owner, you will be called as whitehat hacker. 

If you would like to become an Ethical Hacker, you should complete CEH training and need to pass the CEH exam. 

FYI: CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hacker

To become a hacker you need to sharpen your brain and you should have an analytical thinking mind to learn ethical hacking. 


Black hat hacking is an illegal work. It could bring enormous problems to your mind and to your society because it is evil. 

If you would like to become an Ethical Hacker to enhance the cyber-security, you should not miss this list of best websites to learn ethical hacking from scratch. 

Here, I have listed out 15+ websites to learn whitehat hacking. 

 1. EC-Council: CEH Course

The main aim of EC-Council is to produce cybersecurity specialists. The motto behind EC-Council is "To beat a hacker, you need to think like a hacker". 

They provide the most comprehensive Certified Ethical Hacker training. It's the largest organization which provides practical training, right from the basic to the advanced tutorials. 


2. Hacking-Tutorial

Hacking-Tutorial is an awesome site that to learn phone hacking, other gadgets hacking, online tools, tips, and tricks. They also offer free ebooks on ethical hacking. 

Some of the popular posts on this site are "Hacking android smartphone tutorial using Metasploit", "How to change Mac Address on Kali Linux".


3. Hackaday

Hackaday website is regularly refreshing their site with fresh content every day. They push high-quality hacking tutorials for those who want to become an ethical hacker. 

They provide both software and hardware hacking tutorials on Hackaday.com. They have another site named Hackaday.io which is completely for hardware development community. 


4. Hackthissite

Hackthissite is not just another hacking tutorial website. They provide legal training for hackers to improve their skills. It's a great forum for hackers where a large number of hackers discuss trending hacker news, tutorials, tips, and tricks. You could join and participate in this forum to learn ethical hacking.


5. Hackinthebox

Over a decade, Hackinthebox continuously offers free hacking tutorials. Their aim is to provide free knowledge about cyber-security. From this website, you could get the latest hacking news, tutorials, and happenings in the underground of hackers zone. They annually conduct Hackers conference at Malaysia and Netherlands. 


6. Sectools

Sectools stands for Security Tools. At Sectools, you could find tools such as password audits, sniffers, vuln scanners, web scanners, exploitation, packet crafters and much more. They offer a lot of tools that can be used on Windows and Linux operating system. 


7. Hackingloops

The sole purpose of Hackingloops is to transform the people working in IT roles to Cyber-Security roles. In this site, you will learn web application penetration testing and its tools, website penetration testing, wireless penetration and network penetration testing, and whitehat hacking tutorials on mobiles.


8. PacketstormSecurity

Packetstormsecurity is the cyber-house to know the current happenings and data breaches around the world. To prevent data breaches and numerous vulnerabilities, Packstormsecurity creates awareness among the Internet users, corporates, and governments. This site delivers how-to guides and tutorials on ethical hacking since 1998.


9. Metasploit

Metasploit is the most widely used penetration testing software. This site provides an opensource Metasploit framework and commercial Metasploit pro. Metasploit team verifies vulnerabilities, manage security assessments and improve security awareness.


10. Cybrary

Cybrary was launched on January 13, 2015. Their goal is to provide golden opportunities to learn ethical hacking to anyone from anywhere on this planet. Cybrary provides a video-based ethical hacking tutorial for beginners to advanced learners. To get into cyber-security career, Cybrary offers courses by career level such as beginner level, intermediate and advanced/expert. 


11. EDX

EDX provides online courses from top institutions including MIT, Harvard, and Microsoft. EDX delivers courses on important topics like cyber-security, SQL, T-SQL, Hadoop, Apache Spark, web development, Computer programming, android development, Blockchain Technology, and  Cryptography, etc and so on.


12. Offensive-Security

Offensive-Security provides online courses on Penetration Testing with Kali Linux, Wireless attacks and cracking the Perimeter. Besides these courses, they also offer Live courses on Advanced Windows Exploitation, Advanced Web Attacks, and Exploitation. You could get Certified from EC-Council after completing the courses as per your choice. 


13. Greycampus

Greycampus was launched to transforms careers through skills and certification training. Greycampus offer online, live and classroom training on Ethical Hacking. The courses offered by them have been accredited by EC-Council. They also provide training for working professionals in the areas of project management, big data, data science, service and quality management. 


14. Udemy-Ethical Hacking Courses

Udemy is the best site that allows experts to teach their knowledge to anyone through online and live classes. In this site, top cyber-security experts are conducting online courses to help you to learn ethical hacking from scratch. When you visit this website for ethical hacking courses, you will be given choices to select packages offered by experts. 


15. Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced on YouTube

Complete ethical hacking course on YouTube? Yes. There is a YouTube video that has a run time of 15:55:19 Hrs which is completely dedicated to teaching ethical hacking for both beginners and advanced learners. In the video description, you will find Time Stamps for jumping into courses. Credit goes to Joseph Delgadillo

16. Guru99

Guru99.com offer free Ethical Hacking tutorials and courses for beginners. They also help business owners to fix security loopholes before a hacker tries to invade them. Most popular tutorials on this website are "Ultimate Guide to DoS Attacks and 40 best penetration testing tools". 

To Sum Up

Ethical hacking is an art. It takes time to polish your skills on Ethical Hacking. Learn the tips and tricks, tutorials, classes provided by various online tutors from this list of websites. 

If you come across any other popular, trusted and legal websites on Ethical hacking, please let me know in comments. I will update this post. 

I wish you will share this cool post with your friends!

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