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300+ Funny Names For WiFi Networks To Shock Your Neighbor

From kids to adults, wifi is very common nowadays. Almost anyone who has a laptop and smartphone owns a wifi router. It's like a food and water for Internet users. If you own a wifi modem, you may spend the whole day browsing the Internet using wifi. Mostly you might put your name for SSID. In this post, you will see 300+ funny names for wifi networks. 

When you go out and turn ON your wifi, mostly you will see someone's wifi network name. You cannot change their wifi name but if you own a wifi network, you could give a funny wifi SSID

Any kind of name you could give for your wifi network. Well, apart from setting a strong password, you should consider some cool wifi names.

Though you prevent someone from accessing your wifi network, additionally you should try funny wifi names.

You could often change your wifi name. It will be fun and you could shock your neighbor.


Keep your wifi name cool to stand unique among others.

If you're looking for funny names for wifi networks, you are in at the right place. You don't need to search all over the internet to find a unique wifi name. In this post, you will see 300+ funny wifi names. 

Here you will see different types of wifi names like cool names, hilarious names, shocking names and weird names. 


Let's explore the funny names for wifi networks. I recommend you to bookmark this page for reference. 

Funny Wifi Names

1. Don't touch my wifi

2. Touch me, get cursed

3. Tell her I love her

4. Only for aliens

5. Only for zombies

6. Are you a beggar?

7. Free for beggars

8. My own damn Internet

9. You pay me now

10. Your music is annoying

11. My money my wifi

12. It burns when IP

13. Don't touch my daughter

14. I'm touching your daughter


15. Yummy

16. 911

17. You will go to hell

18. I'll call police

19. I love you

20. I'm under your bed

21. For p0rn use only

22. Get your own damn Internet

23. Really asshole?

24. A LANnister always surfs my Internet

25. Don't even try it

26. Stay away from me

27. No Internet connection

28. Network error

29. Virus distribution center

30. No free so use 4G

31. I fathered your child

32. Me and Your daughter

33. I've seen you naked

34. Malware distribution

35. Don't try to use my wifi

Clever Wifi Names

36. Intelligent alien

37. Child Toucher

38. FBI Surveillance cam connect

39. I'm watching you

40. I'm tracking you

41. Say No to Free Wifi

42. IP connect

43. IP Spam

44. Searching...

45. Loading...

46. Not found

47. Get a life

48. I'm a bot

49. Martin Router King

50. The creep next door

Cool Wifi Names

51. Your dog shits in my yard

52. Two girls one router

53. I and You will have fun

54. Shall we have fun

55. Can we date?

56. Gunpoint

57. Hidden webcam

58. Under construction

59. Modi will land on the moon

60. Rahul Gandhi youth network

61. Hakuna Matata

62. Ice cream

63. I want to hack your email

64. I can read your emails

65. I can send your anonymous SMS

66. stay off my router

67. IP ban collection

68. The Simpsons and Trump

69. Road rash

70. Boom Boom

71. Power Rangers

72. Psycho killer

73. Don't snoop

74. LAN under down

75. Smelly Fart

76. Porquefi

77. Dora the Internet browser

78. Pizza Hat

79. Data theft

80. Venom for you

81. Bit Torrent

82. Rob my wifi

83. You are not alone

84. Midnight Mystery

85. Haox Reloaded

86. Fake IP

87. I'm in love with the shape of you

88. Onion browser

89. You are so cute

90. Kiss me

91. What is your zodiac?

92. Abraham Linkys

93. Kick your Ass

94. Zoom in

95. New England clam router

96. I'm an Illuminati

97. Gamer zone

98. Fire fire fire

99. OTP

100. Chill Chill Cool Cool

Dirty Wifi Names

101. Router's Ass

102. Conditioner is better

103. Sexy Manchild guest

104. Drop it like its hotspot

105. Call me maybe

106. I want you badly

107. Protected Cex

108. Shampoo is better


109. Perfect position

110. Please no more grindcore at 3am

111. Ouch... sat on my nuts

112. Poopsock

113. Quit being cheap

114. I love bananas without bone

115. I'm cheating on my wifi

116. Bring beer and woman to 302

117. LANdo Calrissian


119. I know your router password

120. Fr3e p0rn

121. Sab Free Mein Lelo?

122. You lost your connection

123. I love your wifi

124. Do not use this Internet

125. I know what are you doing at 11pm

Crazy Wifi Names

126. Casino

127. Virgin Media

128. Winternet

129. Backbenchers

130. 6th sense mobile wifi

131. Internet cost $60

132. Dhoni vs Kohli

133. Shutdown

134. Locked

135. Help, I'm trapped in a router

136. Please connect for identity theft

137. Phishing attack available

138. Test wifi please ignore

139. Life in the fast LAN

140. People's Knees

141. Ye Olde Internet

142. A silence of the LAN

143. 404 Network Unavailable

144. Titanic synching

145. I'm sorry, did you mean philanthropist?

146. Wifi network? why not Zoidberg?

147. Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wifi

148. Ugly sweater wifi hater

149. Go go gadget Internet

150. Cool wifi network names

151. Funny wifi names

152. Counterstrike

153. Data bata

154. Bubble cloud

155. Trash bin

156. Spam spreading machine

157. Paypal Hack

158. An unusual visitor

159. Peepshow

160. Only Premium users

161. 99 problems but wifi ain't one

162. Triumph not Trump

163. I pay for my wifi

164. Wu-Tang LAN

165. Netflix use only

166. Party Saturday night

167. Your grammar is more annoying 

168. Please stop trying to hack my wifi

169. Please stop fighting for wifi

170. Penny get your own wifi

171. A van down by the river

172. Use and throw

173. Emmi's bathroom

174. Serious of tubes

175. Will you Marry me?

176. Wine LAN

177. No free so get stuffed

178. Darknight

179. Talking Tom

180. Angry guy

181. Addicted to wifi

182. cut copy paste

183. One Nation Earth (ONE)

184. C:Virus.exe

185. Drive by wifi

186. HaHa Next time, you lock your router

187. Blue M&Ms

188. Go Airport for free wifi

189. Our Internet is faster than yours

190. Torrent download

191. Area 51

192. Keep it on the download

193. Thank you for trying to connect my wifi

194. Better you buy a wifi

195. Hacking Started

196. IP attacks

197. Dangerous

198. You're blocked

199. Quit using my wifi

200. Are you trying to access my router?

Best Wifi Names

201. Big Boss

202. Sack

203. Look Ma, No Wires

204. To use, bring booze

205. Feel like flying

206. The wireless G-spot

207. Levitating in the air

208. Flip flops

209. Cool beer = password

210. Hack it if you can

211. Ping Pong ding dong

212. I feel naughty

213. Full of virus

214. Virus router

215. Roses are red violets are blue

216. Love you ... (neighbor's name here)

217. Google doodle 

218. Finger chips

219. Use this one mom

220. John Wilkes Bluetooth

221. Pretty fly for a wifi

222.  Get off my LAN

223. Super thanks for asking

224. This wifi is infected

225. The promised LAN

226. No wifi for you

227. Error: Please contact your ISP

228. I can Haz wifi?

229. No pain no gain, no wifi

230. Click this


231. Pay 1$ per hour

232. Free virus

233. Welcome to hell

234. May God bless you

235.  Friendly neighborhood spider LAN

236. Shut your dog up

237. Your name is my password

238. Go Home Tourist

239. Prohibited area

240. Password is hot

Harry Potter Wifi Names

241. Accio Internet

242. Hogwarts

243. The Floo Network

244. Go away you Muglee

245. Not you wifi, B*tch

246. The Triwizard Internet

247. The black links

248. Order of the Phoenix

249. Hermione Ginger

250. Ministry of magic secure Muggle wifi

251. The mystery of darkness

252. Alberto

253. Lord Voldemodem

254. Expelliarmus your Internet

255. Wizard always

256. The whomping wifi

257. Room of requirement

258. Hogwarts express

259. The Patronus charm

260. Alohomora crack the password

Star Wars Wifi Network Names

261. Luke, I am your wifi

262. Cave of Evil

263. The last Jedi

264. Holonet5

265. Concordia

266. Not the wifi you're looking for 

267. Clone force99

268. The Domino squad

269. Death star wireless zone

270. A new dawn

271. The death star gunner

272. The Profundity SSID

273. Stormtrooper

274. Tantive IV

275. Zeta

Game of Thrones Wifi Names

276. The ping slayer

277. House LANnister

278. The Ping beyond the wall

279. Browsing strong

280. Wifi is coming

281. Ping's LANding

282. The Dornishmens Wifi

283. All men must wifi

284. John_snow_knows_something

285. Hot Wi

286. The Wifi that was Promised

287. The Ping of the North

288. We do not load

289. Wight-Fi

290. The Crownlands

291. The Master of Whisperers

292.  Packets are coming

293. Stark of Winterfell

294. A song of ice and firewall

295. The Mad Ping

296. The Night's witch

Disney Wifi Names

297. It's a small world wide web

298. The circle of wifi

299. Monsters.edu

300. LANtasia

301. The Wifi-on King

302. Magic fountain

303. 101 dalmatians

304.  Peter LAN

305. DisnE-mail

306. Hakuna Ma Data

307. muLAN

308. When you Wifii on a star

309. Haunted House

310. Snow-Wifi

To Sum Up

Friends! I have listed out 300+ funny names for wifi networks. Try different and unique wifi name from this list and have fun. Share these cool wifi names with your friends. Thank you for your time in reading this article.


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