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DesignEvo Review | Create Your Logo in 5 Minutes

Are you planning to start a business? You must have a unique logo for your business. It is the first and most important asset for building a brand. If you have an eye-catching Logo, people could remember your brand. DesignEvo is the free logo design maker. With DesignEvo, you could create your own logo in just 5 minutes.

When we think about Logo, popular brands will come in front of our eyes. Brands like McDonald's, Cadbury, Ford, BMW, Ferrari & Adidas have no meaning without their Logos. 

If you want to publicize your business or to create a brand, a relevant and catchy logo gives the first impression. A brand needs a logo; the logo brings recognition from your customers; good recognition makes you feel proud. 

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Of course, there are tons of logo making websites and software available in the market. 

I will tell you what is the best thing with DesignEvo.

Recently, I found DesignEvo logo maker tool - free logo design maker to create stunning a stunning logo in just 5 minutes. 

There are freelancers from Fiverr and Upwork who can make logos for you but that will bring you additional cost. Why not making your own logo when an awesome tool is readily available for you to explore? 

In this post, you will learn how to create your own logo in a few minutes with DesignEvo online. 

In addition to the tutorial, you will see the DesignEvo review.

Thanks to Sophia Gao from DesignEvo, I had a chance of testing out the features of DesignEvo website.


Before moving to the tutorial, let's see what is DesignEvo and its key features. 

What is DesingEvo

DesignEvo logo maker is an online tool developed by PearlMountain Ltd. They are also the developer of PhotoJet graphic design software. 

With great support and trust from worldwide for PhotoJet, PealMountain Ltd wants to create an easy logo design maker. It has to be simple, efficient and convenient to anyone who has an access to the Internet. 

With all these things in mind, they have created DesignEvo. 

After testing DesginEvo, I found that it provides a simple way to make an awesome logo without taking much time. 

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface

Unlike other logo design tool, DesignEvo provides you the best and convenient user interface. I haven't seen any other logo tool which is simplified like DesignEvo.

I think its user interface is the major reason for its popularity. 


As of now, a total of 18 categories are there in this tool. You can either search your exact matching template or choose your best one from these categories. 

You can also select the best template from the 'Popular' category.

Some other key features of DesignEvo are:

  • 5000+ professionally designed logo templates.
  • Large collection of resources such as icons, fonts, and shapes.
  • Lots of customization tools available: resize, rotate, layer management, duplicate, undo/redo, etc.

How To Create Your Logo With DesignEvo

Follow the simple tutorial to create your own logo.
  • Click on Make a Free Logo button. 

Choose a Template


From the abundant list of templates, select one which should be relevant to your business niche. 

Add your Brand name


In the 'Logo Name' field, give your brand name.

If you have a slogan for your business, add your slogan in the second field. Otherwise, leave it empty.

Once you've given your brand name, Click on Get Started.

Edit Your Logo


If you would like to add icons, you could grab from a large source of available icons. 

You can change the icon size and color. You have additional options like flipping icon vertical/horizontal. Other editing options are changing resolution, layout, grid and duplicate. 

The default resolution is 500 * 500 px.

To add Text, choose Text option, select a suitable font and then edit the font size and color.

To add Shape, choose Shape option, select one from the list. Each list has a number of shapes to choose from. 

To add a background, choose Background option. Select gradient or solid color. If you don't want any background, check the Transparent background box. 

Preview Your Logo


Once you've finished editing your logo, click on Preview button. Preview your Logo to know how it will look like. The above image is an example.

If you are satisfied with the look of your logo, proceed to Download



DesignEvo has three plans to choose from. They are:

  • Free
  • Basic &
  • Plus

Free Plan: If you want to download your logo for free, you must give credit to them. With the Free plan, the highest resolution you will get is 500 px. 

Your logo will look small. When you zoom in, you get only the enlarged image which may not be suitable for you. Therefore, the Free plan is not for building a brand.

Basic Plan: With Basic plan, you will get access to many features. One of them is that you could get the highest logo resolution up to 5000 px. The only con I see with this plan is that you cannot own Copyright ownership.

Plus Plan: With Plus plan, you will get full access. The main feature is that you own the Copyright ownership. 

I'll recommend you to try any of their Premium features for benefits. They are worth the price.

Can I use DesignEvo offline

Yes. You could download and use the DesignEvo software offline. 

Currently, DesignEvo app is available for Mac, Android and iOS platforms. 

For Windows - They stated on their website, "Coming Soon". 

I will update this post, once the software is ready to download for Windows PC.

To Sum Up

In my opinion, if you want to get a decent logo for your business, you should try DesignEvo. With 5000+ templates, the large collection of icons & fonts, a lot of editing tools, you could make a stunning logo definitely in 5 minutes. 

If you find this post helpful, do share it with your friends. 

Thank you for reading!

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