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25+ Amazing Cover Photos For Facebook

As we all know that Facebook is the number one social networking site. Millions of people log in every single day to communicate with each other. Each and every user treats their Facebook profile as their pet. Facebook lets you set your DP, Cover photo for a unique identity. In this post, you will get amazing cover photos for Facebook Timeline. 

Facebook can easily attract people through their user interface and choices given to their users. What makes Facebook a unique platform? Obviously, its options like setting up DP and Cover photo, updating status, pages, groups and much more.

People often check news feed, jokes, and videos on Facebook. They like, comment and share the newsfeeds which make Facebook dominate the social networking platforms.

If you have a lot of friends, your DP may get many Likes and comments. At the same time, a cover photo receives less number of attention from your Friends.

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Whether you set your original DP or not, but you would like to set a cool cover photo for Facebook Timeline.

A unique cover photo can express your mood. Through cover photo, you can tell the world about your feelings and your views.


Amazing Cover Photos For Facebook

Here, you can see 25+ collection of cool cover photos for Facebook. If you are looking for Facebook cover photo quotes, you get some photos in this post. 

All these free cover photos are really amazing and can make your profile eye-catching.

Let's play with free Facebook cover photos.

1. Stunning Eyes Facebook Cover Photo

These purple eyes are really powerful. It's an eye-catching cover photo for Facebook.


2. Cute Chickens Facebook Cover Photo

Mild yellowish cute little chicks are singing together to make you happy.


3. Beautiful Kittens Facebook Cover Photo

Kitties are always cute. If they are sleeping, they look so cute. Aww, the third one is just going to sleep. Sleep well, kitty.


4. Mickey Mouse Love Facebook Cover Photo

Someone who loved Micky Mouse should have drawn this. Cute love and heart.


5. Love Written in Watermelon Facebook Cover Photo

Watermelons are good during summer. The innovative style of love proposal through a watermelon.


6. Best Couple Facebook Cover Photo

Every woman deserves a man who loves and respects her and every man deserves a woman who appreciates his efforts.


7. You Complete Me Facebook Cover Photo

One side loves are many. When both sides feel love, its a completion.


8. Wanna Be With You Facebook Cover Photo

"I just wanna be with you" is the only thought that comes when you fall in Love.


9. Girly Facebook Cover Photo

This cover photo is purely for Girls.


10. Thinkable Facebook Cover Photo

"Excuse me, do I know You" is a question for you when you give friend request or message him/her.


11. Peace, Love, and Music - Facebook Cover Photo

After a lot of things happened in life, I just need peace, love, and music.


12. I'm Hiding - Facebook Cover Photo

I don't want to set my original DP. I hope you will understand what I mean through this cover photo.


13. Wasted Space Facebook Cover Photo

Why there is an empty space in my cover photo?


14. I am Nobody Facebook Cover Photo

Really, nobody is perfect. Perfection is a sin. I am nobody.

I am-Nobody-Facebook-Cover-Photo

15. Single Vs Relationship - Facebook Cover Photo

A thoughtful quote from a single but happy person.


16. Unique Way Facebook Cover Photo

Everybody is moving in the right side. What a crowd. I'm going to choose this way.


17. Suit Up or Anonymous Facebook Cover Photo

This suits you if you love Barney Stinson. Are you anonymous on Facebook? Well, this suits you too!


18. Joker Facebook Cover Photo

I am a Joker. Not a comedian!


19. Great Message Facebook Cover Photo

Looks like a message from Buddha!


20. It's Easy If You Try - Facebook Cover Photo

Try try try until you succeed. Then, it will be easy.


21. Success is a Journey - Facebook Cover Photo

Success doesn't come in overnight. It's not a destination but a journey.


22. Pain and Strength Facebook Cover Photo

What you sow is what you reap.


23. Everything is Possible - Facebook Cover Photo

The word possible is hidden in the word Impossible. Let's say I'm Possible!


24. Just Live Facebook Cover Photo

Don't think too much. Live the present.


25. Listen To Your Heart - Facebook Cover Photo

Are you going to listen to your mind or heart?


26. God's Amazing Grace - Facebook Cover Photo

God is Great!


To Sum Up

Friends, I hope you will love this collection of the best Facebook cover photos. Don't forget to try one that suits you. Share this article to spread the love!

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