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How To Use Fiverr To Make Money From Home - Beginner's Guide

Fiverr is one of the largest marketing places where you are allowed to buy and sell digital services worldwide. Fiverr is similar to other freelancing sites like Freelancer and Upwork. By using single Fiverr Login, you could either sell a service or buy a service. In Fiverr, a service offered is named as Gig.

The starting price for a Gig is $5. You can create Gigs which is completely free. In the beginning, as a newbie or basic seller, you are limited to create 7 Gigs. When you complete certain Orders as per Fiverr policy, Gig limit will be increased. It solely depends on how many orders you've completed successfully. 


The special thing in Fiverr is that you can even sell physical products like handmade products, arts, and crafts and so on. If you want to sell physical products on Fiverr, you need to add shipping price for local and international shipping. Fiverr won't take responsibility for shipping, tracking, and damages caused (if any) to the product. It is always recommended for the sellers to add tracking number in Orders page on Fiverr. 


Previously, in one of my posts, I have listed Fiverr as an option to make money online. Now, in this post, we are going to see how to use Fiverr to make money from home by selling your service globally. 

Analyse What Services You Can Offer

Ask yourself the question "what skills do I have?". 

In Fiverr, the top 3 categories of best-selling Gigs are as follows:

  • Graphics and Design - You could use Fiverr for freelance logo design since it's the topmost service required by the buyers. Next, Photography and Photoshopping services are all-time best selling Gigs. 
  • Writing and Translation - If you have any one of the skills like Resume and cover letters, Proofreading, Translation, Creative writing, Copy-writing, Article, and Blog writing, you could make money since you may get decent orders.
  • Online Marketing - Services like SEO, Content marketing, Music Promotion, and Web Traffic comes under this category. 

To start selling your services,  first, you need to register an account on Fiverr

Upload a good picture of you that clearly showing your face. Complete your profile that looks fresh and professional. 

Only your profile is not enough to sell your services/skills. You need to create an ad called Gig.

Create Your First Gig to Become a Fiverr Seller

I'm going to explain how to create a Professional Gig to attract the buyers. You just follow the steps given below:

  • On your profile, click on Create a Gig button. 
  • In the Overview portion, add an attractive Title for your Gig. Remember that your title should be catchy, simple and precise.
  • Choose the best category and sub-category that suits your skill/service.
  • Select your core Service type. 
  • Add search tags that help the buyer to find your profile when a buyer searches for most common keywords to buy the service.  


In the above example, you could see the completed fields for a data entry work. 

Once you completed the first page, click the Save button and Continue to Pricing portion.

  • In the Pricing portion, you can provide up to 3 types of Pricing packages such as Basic, Standard, and Premium. 
  • Set your price, hours of work, delivery time, description and revisions. All ways set revisions as Unlimited that helps the buyer to request to revise the work before the time of delivery. This will be very useful to build a trust. 
  • Complete the My Extra Gigs section for additional benefits. 
  • Check Shipping if you are going to sell a physical product. 


  • Click on Save & move on to Description and Faq portion.
In the Description box, give a detailed information about your experience, known skills and services offered. A very good description increase the chances of getting orders from buyers.


In the Faq section, add questions and answers related to your skills to give clarity to the buyers in order to pick your service. Then click on Save button and continue to Requirements section. 

  • In the Requirements section, instruct the buyers to get the work files from them after placing an order. This will help the buyers to send the job files that have to be completed. 


The instructions can be given as a text or else you could upload a file that clearly specifies the data required for the work have to be completed on time. 

After adding requirements, click on Save and move on to Gallery section.

  • In the Gallery section, add an awesome picture for a better understanding of your services. This will help to find your profile by the buyers
  • Additionally, you can also add a video that explains yours explains your services. 
  • For further clarification of your services, add a pdf file in the Gallery section. 

Finally, save your Gig. 

Now, your Gig will be available on Fiverr.

Yes, your Gig can be found on Fiverr but that doesn't mean that buyers will come and place orders immediately or the very next day. 

You should not wait for buyers to come. Instead, you should reach out to buyers. 

You could make use of Buyer Requests page. Go to Selling > Buyer Requests. 

What is Buyer Requests

If the buyer having trouble finding the services they want, they will make a Gig request for the required services. If the request matches the category of your Gig, their requests will be available in the Buyer Requests page. 

Make an offer to the buyer's request. This helps them to identify your profile and you may get an order from them. Every day, you could see up to 10 buyer requests. You should make use all of them only if you have the skill as per the buyer's request. 

Don't get discouraged if you don't see any buyer requests. This is due to high competition in your service or niche. Allow some more time and check back for new buyer requests. 

Buyer request is not an end to find a seller. The most important portion that you must promote your Gig. 

Promote Your Gig - Tips

For any kind of seller whether he/she sells their services online/offline, they need to promote their service. Otherwise, they will not be identified. 

Fiverr itself recommends you to promote your services on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

If you have a Facebook account, share your Gig in relevant groups. Also, start a Page on Facebook for your Gigs. Additionally, promote your Gigs using Facebook ads with little investment.

Share your Gigs in Whatsapp groups for free promotion and direct attention from known people.

Use YouTube Comments for your service related videos but don't spam in comments which might be annoying.

For more help on Gigs promotion and Fiverr updates, get in touch with other sellers in Fiverr forum where you could ask questions and get answered as quickly as possible. 

How to Get Paid on Fiverr

Once you've successfully completed an offer, your seller account will show the balance amount for withdrawal. 

You can withdraw money from your seller account after 14 days once the order has been marked as completed.

Your money can be redeemed to your PayPal account, or Fiverr Revenue card or to Your Bank account (Direct deposit in the U.S). 

You are allowed to withdraw your money once every 24 hours. 

To withdraw your funds, go to Selling > Earnings.  If you have balance in Available for withdrawal portion, you can collect your funds. 

To Sum Up

With the help of your knowledge and skills, you can make money anywhere. Even if you don't have any skills, try to learn the skills and apply online to earn money. Age is not a bar to work online. Therefore, polish your skills, get updated as per the current trend which will help you to survive online. 


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