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Blogging as a Career? - Know the 3 Stages of Blogging Before Setting up a Blog

Blogging as Career?
Anyone can set up a blog and start publishing posts. Everyone is encouraged to blog either for a hobby or to make money from blogging. You may be noticed a large number of websites/blogs were created for a purpose. Also, you may be noticed that majority of blogs existing are inactive.
Those who cannot blog consistently will say that it is hard to make money from blogging and come to a conclusion in their mind that blogging is dead, blogging is a waste of time. At the same time, those who continue blog writing enjoys the result that comes from blogging because a hard-working blogger never fails since he/she is a passionate blogger. 

For the hobby bloggers, whether they make money from blogging or not, they also enjoy blogging if someone is listening to them. They use their spare time and focused on blogging and tell their views about something. 

Blogging as career? There is a way

Nowadays many youngsters jump onto blogging in which some makes huge income and others have perished in the darkness and quits blogging. The reason behind successful bloggers is very simple. The answer is "blog for people not for money". Successful bloggers put their efficiency and energy in creating useful blog posts by thinking their readers in mind. 

Advertisers, Affiliate companies, and sponsors are willing to help bloggers who can bring natural traffic to their blogs. Why should they allow their ads, affiliate and sponsor link to be placed on a blog that has very low to nearly zero traffic? 

Blogging is Not a Machine Work but its an Art 

Yes, blogging is not a sky-rocket science to reap the results instantaneously. For example: If you are going for a work-out in Gymnasium and you feel the pressure in your tissues from day one. Within 6 months, you will see the desired output in your body. Likewise, you need to work on your blog every day to get the good output in 6 months to 1 year.


Blogging is the biggest art which requires patience, consistency and delivering quality content which is useful for the readers.

I want you to answer these 3 questions: 
  • Is your dream to become a good authority blogger in the future? 
  • Do you have the passion for writing?
  • Are you willing to learn new things as per the trends?
  • Do you want to be your own Boss?
For all the above questions, if your answer would be YES. I can even YES, you got the Gift to become a good blogger.

There is a good career opportunity in blogging but before setting up a blog, you need to know the three stages of blogging for getting good results. 

3 Stages of Blogging

  • Learning Stage
  • Growing Stage
  • Well-Matured Stage


1. Learning Stage or Initial Stage - Blog Ideas

Before you are starting a blog, you need to learn the basics of blogging like content creation, SEO analyzation, content promotion, link building, and networking. 

Only with the knowledge of what you have learned, you can apply your writing skills effectively. Like how your smartphone Apps or OS needs to be updated to the latest version, your knowledge about blogging environment need to be updated. So, continue to learn even after started to blog. 

It is a good idea to start a blog when you are at your school or college days. When you reach home in the evening, apart from studies, you will have 2-3 hours of time before going for sleep. You can utilize your free timing on your blog to write your inspired content.


During weekends, spend more time on your blog. Doing something productively is better than doing nothing. 

In this initial stage, bloggers feel good if they receive a certain amount of traffic once published a post. Don't be overexcited! That traffic that you receive in the beginning stage is temporary. If you want the visitors to view your site regularly, continue to deliver good quality blog posts by knowing the requirement of the visitor. 

Assume that you have published 10 articles on your blog. Notice which post is receiving decent traffic. It is the key to climb the ladder. 

For example: If the article is about how to make Green Tea that attracts the views, try to make posts related to Tea topic. Likewise, you could get a lot of blog ideas to keep your consistency in blogging. Whatever the blog topics you choose, if there is a relevancy to each post, your visitors will follow your blog.

Once your blog gets traction, it's the time to apply for monetization. Either you can apply to Google AdSense for ads or to sell someone's product by providing a review, try affiliates. 

2. Growing Stage - Blog Writing

A newborn baby takes a considerable amount of time to stand and walk on his own. The time taken to stand on his own is precious. Growing stage is one of the most enjoyable time where your blog grows like a tree in front of your eyes. 

Your growth in blogging speaks loud when you work silently behind it. 

Blogging is similar to producing and directing a Movie by the single person. He must create an enjoyable movie to be liked by the audience. Similarly, a blogger should produce like-able content to get shares and rewards. 

At this stage, when there is a rise in traffic, you will receive E-Mails from individuals for sponsor content or they will ask for backlinks. 

If you believe that the sponsored content is related to your niche and useful for your readers, you can go for it. Otherwise, just ignore those unrelated E-Mails and just concentrate on your blog. Since distraction comes in many ways, you need to be committed to your blog. 


By nature, we compare ourselves with others. Do you think that comparing people is a good idea? Definitely not. When others can achieve success at a fast pace which means they are not lucky but they are working hard for the success. We are not the products to participate in the comparison game since it leads to stress.

Instead of comparing other bloggers, a genuine blogger should learn from a leading blogger. You can learn the mistakes from a fellow blogger to improve yourself. Even when other bloggers discourage you, disconnect having a connection with them. This happens mostly when you spend too much of time on social media. 

Increase your productivity at this time on your blog and find a name for you in the blogosphere rather than watching others growth.

When you see a significant growth on your blog, you can work on your blog as a full-time career. 

3. Well-Matured Stage - Web Traffic

Behind every popular blog, there is an experienced blogger. He is called as a well-matured blogger. He knows what are the obstacles that he crossed in his journey. He knows how to plan and execute viral content. 

When your blog attains the well-matured stage, there is no control over how much money you could make. You could see a definite graph in your blog analytics right from the initial to matured stage. 

You can work independently since you're the own boss of yourself. 

Once your blog receives tons of web traffic and you're trying out all possible ways for monetization, Sponsors will come to your to do big business. 


If you rely only on ads, don't hesitate to keep learning different monetization technique to fill your pocket. 

Whatever the monetization technique you use, you should use wisely. If your blog is popular and you have published a lot of posts that does not mean you should stop posting new articles. Once you've started to blog, it requires a frequent update to keep to your blog alive. 

At this stage, you may push the blog to evolve in order to make it as a business. It is up to your choice whether you are only going to manage your blog like a one-man army or going to give jobs to content writers and content promoters. 

Who knows, you may start another blog to increase your revenue or establish a forum to take your blog to the very next level. 

To Sum Up

Learning continues in each and every stage. It's a never-ending technique. General knowledge doesn't make any money. If you have a knowledge in a certain niche, you can become an expert since you can teach a lot in your field of blogging. 

This helps you to write more useful content. In the beginning, you could see that your blog is not getting any page views. If you keep learning and trying to make money from your blog, a Golden Crown is waiting for you! 

Start a blog now and keep blogging consistently. All the very best for your success!

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