How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software For Free

YouTube is the top most video sharing website. Every day millions of videos are uploaded by so many people. A lot of low to high quality and HD videos are available on YouTube. Videos which went viral grabs tons of views for every minute. You would love to show best videos to your friends by streaming the videos online again.

Instead of surfing the videos again and again, you might want to download YouTube videos to your hard disk or mobile phone storage. 

By default, YouTube doesn't allow you to download any videos on their site. Their Terms of Service says that you shall not download any content unless you see a Download button or Download link. 

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Why YouTube doesn't allow you to download videos?

The answer is very simple. They fear that someone may copy or reproduce the available videos on YouTube. 

So, in order to prevent such gray matters, they disabled the download link on YouTube videos page. 


No Software is required to YouTube Videos

If you really want to download videos from YouTube only for watching it offline at any time, I will give you the solution. 

There is no need to search for any YouTube downloader. If you want to download YouTube videos with a help of software, I won't discourage you.

Here I'm going to tell you the easiest methods to download YouTube videos without any software for free. 

Yes, it is absolutely free to grab any YouTube videos at no cost except one-time bandwidth push. 

How To Download Videos From YouTube for Free Without Software

Go to and search for your favorite video.

On the URL address bar, type "ss" (without quotation mark) before or after www.

I will show you a photographic demo with an example here. I selected a video and the exact URL of the video is ""


After typing ss as shown in the above screenshot, press Enter. You will be re-directed to third party website where you could see the available formats to download. If the video is available in High Definition format, you will get the option to download that too. 

Alternate to SS

There are some alternate words to replace the above-mentioned method. 

Type save or kick in the place of ss.

You will be re-directed to a different third party website to download the YouTube video.

How To Download Videos From YouTube for Free Without Software on Mobile

When you surf YouTube on your mobile phone using any web browser, then the URL link will look like this: ""

Instead of "www", you will see "m" on your mobile web browser for a YouTube video. Other than this, just follow the steps which I had mentioned earlier. 

Alternative Methods to Download Videos from Youtube

Visit the below websites (choose any one or try both):
Copy and paste the video URL and Press Enter to download videos. 

When you visit this site:, you will be given a choice to download their extension for Google chrome browserInstall Helper to download media files in one click. So that you don't even need to type anything. This makes your job easy.

Tip: Not only YouTube videos, these websites allows you to download most of the Internet videos. So again, there is no need for any Internet video downloader software applications. 

Note: I'm not responsible if you have any complaint with the third party websites while downloading videos. I've given the existing options to download videos from 3rd party sites. 


Downloading YouTube videos is always fun. If you know any other methods to download and save YouTube or any Internet videos, you could help me and others in the comments. If you don't want to use any of the above methods but need to download videos online, buy the best premium software application for one-click download.

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