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30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online - Part 6

Legitimate-ways-to-make-money-online-Part 6
In our Make money online series, we've covered five parts out of six. Till now we have discussed 25 ways in 5 parts and in this 6th Part, we will see another five legitimate ways to make money online. Before trying any method to earn, read the entire FAQ's, TOS of the concerned websites.

The rise in Technology has really increased the work in Online space. As many people are aware of this, it is now crowded and filled with competition. If you search for a service on the Internet, you could see its alternatives. An online business which can deliver quality service will survive. 

In this competitive generation, to shine like a glittering Gold, you need to have strong skills in your core area. This can drive a lot of customers for you to develop your business and gain profit.  

Now, let's begin to discover the legitimates ways to earn online...

1. Become an Amazon Seller

Though Amazon is a customer-centric e-commerce global company, it gives the same importance to its sellers. Selling on Amazon is a program that allows an individual or businesses to start to sell their products to their global customers. Amazon has created a big platform for the sellers. Sellers are always going where there is a crowd. No one will start a shop in a jungle. Amazon has its customers worldwide. Here, you don't need to start a physical shop but online. 


There are two types of Amazon Sellers. One is the Individual seller and another one is the Professional seller. If you are going to sell less than 40 items per month, you could select the Individual plan. If you are a big business aimed person who can sell more than 40 items per month, you have to choose the Professional selling plan. Upon gaining experience as an Amazon Seller, you can do a good business to earn a lot of money. 

2. Rate Music and Get Paid

If you are a music lover, there is an excellent opportunity for you to earn online by rating music. Music is the best way to create peace, joy, and fun. At the same time, certain music will irritate people to shut it down. There are some companies, advertising agencies who provide the opportunities to review songs and music. To improve the quality and the essence of music, they need genuine reviews to sell good music by filtering out the bad one.

Companies which allows you to write meaningful paid music review are as follows:
  • Slicethepie.com
  • Musicxray.com
Since it's a good way to make a pocket money, don't expect to make a living. Submit your reviews just by listening to music to earn extra income. 

3. Photoshop services - Create a Logo, Banner to Get Paid

This method is especially for people who are good at Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is widely used by most of the teenage people. If you have already learned the skill, you can earn well by starting Photoshop services.  


There is always a demand for a new logo for the new business. New business people's first thought is to get a stunning logo. If you are good at Photoshop, surely you can create beautiful logos and banners. Use freelance services like Fiverr, Upwork to get customers. These marketplaces have huge customers for your Photoshop business. 

4. Video Editing - Create and Edit Videos to Earn Money

Creating a beautiful video is not an easy task. Creating or editing videos will take a lot of time and it needs a lot of effort and dedication. This is the reason companies depends on skilled video editors. A perfectly edited video will get better and repeated views. The quality of a video urges to watch it again and again. There is a lot of freemium and premium software applications available to edit videos right from your home. 


If you have the skill to create/edit awesome videos, you could convert your skill to make money like rainfall. You could either do video editing business online or offline. For online, prefer freelancing sites like Fiverrr.com, Freelancer.com, and upwork.com

5. PTC - Sites That Pay

When you search for make money online, PTC (Paid To Click) method is the best and easiest way to earn online. There are millions of people who joined trusted PTC sites and the only fraction of those are getting paid. You cannot earn huge overnight but it is achievable over time. The Internet is running along with ads. If there is no advertisement, there is no business after all. The whole free web is running with the support of ads. 


Joining a PTC site is absolutely free. You don't need to have a big brainy to start working on these sites. Initially, you will receive a few ads in your inbox. When you are doing good, you will get more ads. Apart from ads, you could take part in paid surveys and referral program for additional income. 

There are many PTC sites but not all are trusted. I will recommend these two sites given below: 
  • Clixsense.com
  • Neobux.com

Conclusion - Series Completed

As I promised earlier, I've given the top 30 Legitimate ways to make money online at your fingertips. If you haven't read our previous Parts in this series, I encourage you to read it now or bookmark this page to read it later. 

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