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30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online - Part 5

Till now, we've discussed the several legitimate ways to make money online in 4 Parts (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV). Haven't read the previous parts? Don't forget to read that too. The purpose of this series is to enlighten people about making money online.

Though there are vast opportunities to earn online but still the majority of Internet users having a dilemma. In our series, you will find only the best possible legitimate opportunities to make money right from your home

Again I would like to stress the word ''Opportunity'' here. We are surrounded by opportunities. So, You and Me cannot simply ignore the light. The problem is that whether we are on the right path. 

I can give you a simple example: There are many colors of light rays. Assume that during the night time, you would like to read a book. Which color light you will utilize to read the book? I believe that you will like the mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp or LED lamps. Slight yellow and white color is the best ray to read a book. You cannot read a book peacefully when a weird Red light is turned ON.

To read a book or to do any work, cool light rays play an important role in our life. Normally, the color White is considered the correct way because of its purity. Similarly, to earn online, you need to choose the right path. No one can inject the path into your mind to get the output from you and it will not work too for a longer time. You need to have the passion for something that can be converted to make money online.

Though you might lose your physical strength your soul will never get tired if you have the passion for something. The passion for something is the ray of hope for you to reach the goal and achieve success in your life. 

1. Call Center Services

There is no need to go to a Business Process Outsourcing company to get a job as a call center agent. You could work from home as a call center agent if you are really interested. The only source which you need is a reliable and fast Internet connection and a Desktop PC or Laptop with a corded telephone. If you directly work for a company as a customer care from your home, you could get paid high when compared to the one who is working at a third-party organization as a call center employee. 


This type of work is suitable for almost anyone. Especially, it is the best for people who love to talk and explain things to a new person. If you are good at the language which you are going to operate, you should try working as a call center agent where you could earn $7 to $15 per hour. To start working as a customer service agent, try the below sites:

Apart from working as an individual, if you have the money to invest, you could start your own Call Center Services where you are the boss here. You need to have contact with top companies to work as an outsourcing partner. 

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk - Best Micro job to earn Passive Income

Amazon Mechanical Turk  is a part of Amazon web services which is a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace that enables individuals or businesses to integrate the use of human intelligence to perform various tasks that computers are currently unable to do. Here, every task is called as HIT which stands for Human Intelligence Task. 


Mturk or Amazon Mechanical Turk is working on an idea where the works which are still cannot complete by computers. Every HIT's requires an answer that should be done by a human because the human can do the micro job effectively than computers such as identifying objects and images in a photo or video, transcribing audio formats and other researching micro jobs. 

It's a complete work from home job where you could earn approximately $2000 per month or more which depends upon the number of HIT's you are finishing successfully. 

3. Sell Domain Name

A domain name is the address of a website that is used to search on your web browser. (e.g., blogtom.com). The value of a domain name depends on its popularity or in its name. You could either buy a used domain or a fresh domain which is available. If you got a popular domain name by luck, you can become rich overnight. Since it cannot apply to everyone, still you could try for a domain name which has the potential to grow in the future. (e.g., goldbag.com, shopstop.com, etc). 


Grabbing a wealthy domain name is like having a 'Duck with Golden Eggs". You could buy the domain from GoDaddy, Namecheap or any other domain selling sites to buy and register your domain. This kind of job is called as domain flipping where you will buy a domain for low cost and sell it for a high cost. 

Once you got your domain, start listing it on sites like sedo.com with a higher price to sell a domain name. By using this technique, a domain named housing.com has been bought by an organization from the owner of the domain for $1 million.

4. Freelance Writing

Are you a passionate writer? Do you like to research new ideas and explain it to the world? Do you wish you make money from your writing ideas without owning a blog or website? Then you should start Freelance writing for authority websites to get paid. Many authority websites are hunting for new people to dig new ideas for content. With the help of your content, they will expand their business and gain maximum profit. 


It provides a great opportunity for the content writer who wants to earn a huge income by working from their home. Though bots can write content, still it cannot overtake human's unique ideas. 

Before you get started, make sure you have collected new ideas in order to produce fresh content. The term Fresh Content is loved by both search engines and authority websites and almost every webmaster. 

Most of the authority websites are willing to pay you $100 per article submission. Here I've listed Top 10 authority websites that welcome to you write for them to earn passive income:

  • Listverse.com
  • Thepennyhoarder.com
  • Uxbooth.com
  • Cracked.com
  • Code.tutsplus.com
  • Alistapart.com
  • Sitepoint.com
  • Digitalocean.com
  • Incomediary.com
  • Blog.teamtreehouse.com

In the above-mentioned websites, go to write for us section and register yourself before submitting your sample article.

5. Humanatic - Review Calls and Get Paid

Humanatic is a website which is run by a company named Century Interactive that recruits independent individuals to listen, review, and sort phone calls accurately. These are calls that need to be examined for quality assurance from various businesses. Every business requires quality auditing to eliminate loss and improve profit. 


At Humantic, you need to listen to a recorded phone call, answer a simple question with the click of a button, and earn real money. Humanatic pays you in few cents per call quality log. If you can do more calls, you could earn decent income daily. 

Either you can start working via your laptop/System or mobile. Humanatic has a separate app in the app store. So you could make money while on the bed. It is the most simple job that anyone can do who can listen and understand the operating language. 

The conclusion of Part 5

As I said earlier, opportunities are everywhere. The good part is whether we are finding it or not. Most importantly whether we're going to utilize it. Though you could see the genuine paths to make money online, are you going to enroll? It's the big question, right? Well, if you're really interested, you will try. 

I hope the information given in this post helps you. If you found my post useful, please share and help others. 

Read the Part 6 and Don't forget to read all the parts of this series!


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