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Points to Remember While Blogging - Do's and Don'ts [Infographic]

Nowadays, when someone heard about blogging, they simply set up a blog. They buy a domain, hosting, themes and plugins, butter, chicken, Jam & bread and blah, blahs. Then they publish a post and waiting to receive mass traffic to make money. Without a proper planning, most bloggers are unable to taste the fruit of success.

Having a desire is good but you need to consider more other factors to become successful. You need to think a lot before entering the blogosphere. Before planning to start a blog, you need to ask the following 3 questions to yourself:
  • Do I have the passion for blogging?
  • Will I spend time on my blog to create content?
  • Can I able to help People through my blog?
If your answer to all the above questions is YES, You should start a blog. After giving a green signal for blogging, make sure that the signal should not turn into Red. Keeping your self-esteem to last longer in blogging is the basic foundation.

There is no Genius who made a blog and become successful in a day or month. It takes the time to get your blog popular among the people worldwide. Also, it takes a time to accomplish. 

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Blogging is an art like making a sculpture. It is easy to give marks to a sculpture. The man behind the sculpture knows the art. It might look as difficult to do as a normal person, but for a sculpturist, it's very easy. You know why? He practiced a lot. He has developed his skill to make the visitors to give their love to the sculpture. 

In this post, I have presented an Infographic. Take a note of everything which I described if you found useful. Don't forget to share my Infographic because sharing is caring!


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