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How I Got Google AdSense Approval in Just 2 Months

No matter what you are blogging about. Your niche might be Technology, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Relationship and Mommy blogger. Whatever you blog you could make money with it. Those who would like to monetize their blog, they care about the advertisement.

There are dozens of Ad Network which you could choose anyone to implement it on your blog. One of the topmost Advertising Networks is Google AdSense, a cute product of Search Engine's Head - Google. It is the best Ad Network since March 2003. 

In this case, if you choose AdSense, you cannot go and sign up easily to get the ad code for adding it to your blog/site. Here, Google has to choose your blog only if you adhere to their Policies. They might change their policies and so it is very important to know the updated AdSense Policies

In this post, you are going to see how I got Google AdSense approval in just 2 months. 


1. Buy Top Level Domain (TLD)

When I started to blog, I start with Blogspot as the platform because it is completely free to sign up and use. The layout, user interface of the blogger is so cool and comfortable. I learned blogging tricks from the Internet and I'm still learning. The only point which I personally don't like is the long form of a domain name. i.e yourwebsite.blogspot.com 

There is nothing wrong with using Blogspot and WordPress free services but when you really want to build your own 'Brand', then you should move to Top Level Domain. 


I'm not saying that Google AdSense won't approve free domains but in future, if you like to expand your blogging career and to be more successful, you must prefer TLDs like .com, .net, and .org. I moved to .com and now you are seeing my blog's URL as www.blogtom.com.

Having a Top level domain increases the chance of getting approval from AdSense. Not only that, having a custom domain increases your self-confidence too to blog more and more. 

2. Unique Content Creation - The King of Blogging

If an ordinary blog reader can find a blog is having copied articles, do you think that Google won't find it? Actually, Google will not encourage blogs that copy articles from other blogs. 

The search engine algorithm has changed a lot and is focused on blogs/websites which update fresh content for the readers. The Google bot named Google spider crawls on the fresh content to index it for the people who search for the topic.


Everyone is having their own personality. If you would like to show your uniqueness in your behavior, why not executing it on blogging? The uniqueness of blogging will create a unique style for you. My blog will only deliver new content for my loyal readers. 

At the time of submitting my blog to AdSense for approval, I had just 4 posts on my blog. 

3. Prefer to Write Long and Attractive Content

Every blogger can create content which is at least more than 300 words. You need to spend more time to create a long form of juicy content. If you love to write, you won't count on your words. Like how fresh water falls from a top of the mountain, you can able to deliver high-quality content in long-form. 

Google likes to index blog posts having lengthy content. If the content is less in quality and counts, Google will de-index the post. It is the biggest drawback of poor content. You will be happy to see your content indexed on Google.

If search engine removed the content because of the bad structure of the content, will you be happy? So, it's a complete waste of spending precious time for writing the short form of content. 

While blogging, don't push yourself to publish the half-baked article. No one loves a half-baked cake. Write down your ideas separately on a notepad and think about how you could present it nicely. Plan before what you do before kissing the publish button. 

Note: Check for Grammatical Error after completing an article. 

4. Install Eye-Catching Responsive Template

A proverb says, "First Impression is the Best Impression". The beauty of your content should have a good theme to impress the readers and it adds more beauty to your blog. When two beauties merge together, you could find an amazing result. In blogging, your blog layout and content are the two eyes. Take care of it.

There are many free responsive website templates available on the Internet where you can download and install. A blog having unique template differentiates it from other blogs.


If you move to WordPress, you will have access to plenty of responsive templates with a Premium look. 

Try website themes which suit your niche. After installing a template check it with Desktop, Phone and Tablet versions. 

Points to remember while selecting a template for your blog:

  • Poorly coded website themes result in non-responsive to Google ads.
  • Templates having a dark background and annoying pics irritates the readers.
  • A template should have a clear navigation to access your blog posts. 
  • To feel cool, prefer Premium template to freemium templates.
I advise you to buy a Premium template that loads the page so fast.

5. Page Loading Time Matters

Do you like to browse the Internet with a slow network? Definitely, the answer will be a big NO!! Similarly, People don't like web pages which take more time to load. The page loading time of a blog depends on various materials used on your blog. Such as your template, images, and javascript widgets. 


To know your blog's loading time, check with Pingdom and Google's page speed insights.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your blog's page loading speed, you should take necessary action to optimize your blog. 

6. Avoid Google Images for Your Blog

Why you should use images for your blog? Because it enhances the effectiveness of a blog's content. Even images can speak for content; it supports your content. It really makes it easy for the readers to understand what you are saying. When you browse Google images, you will get tons of images for the searched keyword. 


Using images available on Google images might comes under Policy violation. Unless you get the permission from the creator of images, you shouldn't use it on your blog. Google will simply reject the blog for AdSense if the blog is filled with copyrighted images. 

Now your mind voice saying, "OMG, what I should do get images though I'm not a specialist in creating images?". Dear buddy, be cool. There are many websites where you could find free images which can also be used for commercial purpose. My favorite is Pixabay.

You might also like to read: 10 Best Websites To Find Free Photos For Commercial Use

7. Important Pages Your Blog Should Have

Your blog should say what your blog is about. It must adhere to the terms and conditions of Google AdSense. After you published a post, readers will go through your article and they will like to see whom you are. A blog should have 4 specific pages as follows:

  • About 
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact us
You could see the above-mentioned pages on my blog. 

Reason to have:

  • "About" page - for describing you and your blog.
  • "Privacy Policy" page - for strictly adhering to Google policies.
  • "Disclaimer" page - a statement that denies something, especially responsibility.
  • "Contact us" helps others to contact you directly. 
These are the basic pages which must be present in a blog before applying for AdSense.

To Sum Up

Google has their own Artificial Intelligence to either Accept or Reject a website for AdSense. They will manually review your blog only when their AI bot approves a blog. 

Seriously, I followed all the above-mentioned points in this post and then only I applied my website to Google for AdSense approval. After two days, I received an email from AdSense Team that said - 

"Congratulations, your AdSense account has been approved to show AdSense ads on your own website. Within a few hours, you will begin to see live ads."

I know that many bloggers are still struggling to get approval from AdSense and they get discouraged when their application got declined. I would like to encourage those bloggers to try again. 

If Google thinks that the particular blog can make money with their AdSense program, they will approve the blog for monetization. Further, making money from your blog is solely depends upon your hard work. 


  1. You did not mention. How actually you signed up for adsense? Did you do it from bloger earning tab or directoly from adsense signup button.?

    1. Hi Sanaullah,

      Thanks for Enlightening me! I actually signed up for AdSense directly from the AdSense Signup page.

  2. This is really helpful, thank you !

    1. Thank you for your valuable comment! Keep visiting for updates.

  3. Hi i read your blog post
    Nice content :)
    I have some more content

    This is about how i approved my adsense in 11 days from the day of creation of my blog ....


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