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Bottr - Best Chatbot Assistance For Your Website

Technology is rising at a high pace and we cannot ignore the advantages it has given to us. Like how our smartphone become one of our organs, any technology that has a close relationship with us already changed our way of living. Nowadays, we want all things should happen in a single click. There is no place for patience.

Latest technology helps us to achieve certain things to happen in a single click and this eliminates the slow works. If you have a blog or website, you would like to provide a smooth customer service experience for your visitors. As an initial step, you could give a clean navigation to browse your site. 

Amazon's strategy in Handling cases:

The big website like Amazon has their own customer service department to maintain the quality of service. A lot of customer service agents are working 24/7 to run their business. Even in the customer service department, automation has already started to rule. 

The invention of automation has minimized the monotonous work done by the human. Most of the email and chat support cases are solved by bots.

Whether your site is big or small and your site is an authority, niche or e-commerce type, in the most case scenario, you might be looking for an advanced system that can have a good relationship with your customers to increase your sales and revenue. Your dream come true. Yes, Guys, I'm talking about Bottr, the chatbot for your website/blog. 

Chatbots are digital avatars that can learn whatever you speak with them. It absorbs your style of writing and represents you to the world for 24x7. 

Chatbots can bring your online presence and for you, it can act as an assistant, friend or an Angel or whatever you call. 


What does Bottr offer for you?

Bottr chatbot can mimic your personality by having the conversation with your visitors. Bottr can transform the way of your interaction with the web from a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation. 

During your leisure time, you might have chatted with an AI bot online at least once. They may or may not answer the way you want but you would have felt happy with the whole conversation. 

With Bottr, if you give proper training it can chat exactly like yours with your blog's visitors. It can be used as an alternative search box too. Therefore, whenever a visitor asks for the information they need, Bottr can provide the existing information on your blog within seconds. 

During the initial period, Bottr will respond like a child. You need to give training for it to interact with visitors. Once it saves enough information to work, it can replicate you.

For the search engine, Keyword is most important to gather information. Similarly, a visitor will ask the chatbot using a keyword. 

Bottr helps you to connect it with your Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, Medium and much more. Hence, the visitor can simply discover amazing content for the keyword from your site, blog, social feeds etc. 

Bottr can throw out boring

Your bot automatically learns about you and responds to messages/queries on your behalf in a friendly way. There's no need for boring contact forms or emails. 

You can create an interactive profile and write engaging micro stories for your audience and share anything in one click. 

For an e-commerce site, Bottr can help the audience to deliver offers, coupon codes and FAQ details. 

How To Create Your Chatbot?

  • Sign up/Login with any one of the available social media accounts.
  • For self-hosted WordPress website, a separate bottr plugin is available to add.
  • For the Blogger platform, you need to embed the code. To get the code, click on Share symbol, choose Website/Blog and copy the code. Go to Layout > HTML/Javascript widget, paste the code and save it and You are done!
  • Once you've connected your account, wait for a moment till the chatbot to born. 
  • After syncing your social media profile, say 'Happy Birthday' to your bot and start to chat with him. Ask him some basic questions about yourself. You will be amazed to see that he will tell the information about you :)

How to Train Your Chatbot?

As I said previously, your chatbot will behave like a child in the beginning. The more you are closer to him, more he will resemble you. Unlike the human, the smart avatar can learn quickly from you and will behave according to your expectation. Let's start to train your cutie bot.


  • Go to your profile on bottr.
  • Edit the answers to Suggestions. You could also create customized Suggestions and then edit your answers. Suppose, if you don't want to edit a suggestion, you can delete it. These suggestions can help your audience to ask you questions without even typing. They just need to choose the suggestions and a single click is enough to ping you. 
  • Delivering the answer is simple. You need to edit the Suggestions with Text, Image, Link, and documents.
  • To insert Text, Image, Doc file and URL, choose the respective icons and add the items.
  • Click on “Add more” to insert more responses or cards to your answer.
  • React to replies with hearts and emotions. Click on the smiley emoticon under each card to react. This will make the chat to go natural and People will love your bot.
  • Create many suggestions with answers to make it everything automatic. If any question was unanswered by the bot, it will be saved in the Unanswered section. If a visitor wants to ask you a direct question, they will be asked to log in with their social media profile and after accepting the send request, the message sent by them will get stored in the Direct Message section. For both the unanswered question and direct message, you could edit the answers.

Tip: You don't need to edit all the suggestions as it might take some time. Instead of editing the information, connect your bottr profile with more social media profiles to make your bot to go smart. 

Connecting your profiles takes less than a minute. Click on '+' symbol to add more networks. As you add more networks to your bot, it automatically fetches your data from the connected networks.

Note: Hide your personal information on your social media profile before connecting to bottr if you don't want to reveal it through chatbot. 

To Sum Up

As the title says, these chatbots will become the next generation Customer Service agent. To reduce cost and improve the productivity of business, we need to adapt to the automation. You might ask me why I'm stressing you to use Bottr. The real reason is "I Like it" and I would like to share it to all. 

Credit Goes To:

  1. Founder of Bottr - Abhimanyu Godara 

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