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5 Proven Strategies to Overcome the Barriers to Blogging

The evolution of communication system has paved the way to get connect connected with anyone via Internet technology like never before. Blogging is the best platform to tell the world what you think about a subject. It gives a wonderful path for your inner voice to be heard.

Of course, there are millions of blogs existing on the Internet and still, people would like to blog. It shows the freedom of delivering the message to the global audience.  

There are a variety of bloggers out there. Some people blog because it's their hobby and some people blog like a pro. Hobby blogging is different than Professional blogging. Professional blogger works systematically to reach their audience. Anyone can do a hobby blogging and not everyone can become a professional blogger. 

So who can become a Professional blogger and how he/she could achieve success in this field?

Simple answer - The one who has the passion for writing can become a successful Professional blogger. 

If you are good at writing, you could become a pro blogger. Keep in mind that to become successful, you need to overcome barriers. Here, I have listed out some of the barriers to blogging.

  • Laziness - The biggest enemy of all time.
  • A low self-esteem - Second biggest enemy that affects emotionally.
  • Competing with others - Collapses your peace of mind.
  • Checking Pageviews all day - Instead of checking it, learn and implement the methods to increase traffic.
  • Expecting instant result - This is not a 2 minutes noodles to eat. 

Now you are about to see the 7 Proven strategies to overcome the above-mentioned barriers to blogging. Shall we proceed?

Okay, then scroll down buddy!

1. Setting Goals - Get Read to Sharp Your Arrows

Without Goal Setting, what you could achieve? Goal setting is the only way to shape your thoughts and your life. It helps you to eliminate laziness and further, it ignites your intuition to stay active until you achieve the target. 


Stay focused on your target and continue to blog. Practice makes a man perfect! Yes, you need to practice a lot to win. Write articles for your readers frequently. Maybe you could post 2-5 times a week that depends on your niche. Remember, frequent blogging shouldn't lose content quality. 

2. Content Marketing - Spend Time on it

After writing an awesome article, what you will do? Yes, absolutely you would like to share it on social media. Assume that you have shared an article and waited over a period for getting more page views. I agree that you could notice a certain incoming traffic. 

But to increase your traffic, you must reach your targeted audience. Whatever your niche is, share your posts where your audience is gathering. 

Each social media works differently and ultimately connects people through interested categories. Choose your category and spend your precious time to promote your content to the right people. It is the most effective content marketing strategy to find readers for your blog. 

3. The Art of Link Building 

Like how the foundation is important for a house, backlinks for a website shows it's majestic. Getting backlinks from other websites is an art. If you can produce the most useful content, other websites will naturally give links to your site. Forget about the black hat SEO because Google has already punished the blogs which used that technique. 

You could also leave a useful comment on other blogs for link building. Search for blogs in your niche and read their articles before making your comment. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, forums to get free backlinks. Guest blogging is another method for link building. 

4. Keyword Research 

Keyword research is must to know what people are actually searching. Simply search for a keyword in Google. You will see a list of suggestions for your keyword. Create content around keywords can tremendously help to boost your blog's ranking. 

The most popular keyword research tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. To use the tool, you need to sign up for an Adwords account. Additionally, If you are having an AdSense account, you should use this tool to increase your CPC (Cost-Per-Click). 

If you feel uncomfortable with Google keyword planner and Google suggest, I would suggest that you should use Ubersuggest tool.

In the Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest tool, the competition metrics for each keyword is for advertisers. To find high/low competitive keywords, you need to buy any of the paid tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Kwfinder.

5. Adapt to Changes and Learn New Things

Blogging has evolved over the years. Even all the career fields have evolved a lot. Experts are needed everywhere. In order to adapt to the changes, you need to learn new things to improve your skills in blogging. 

Everything is going like building a Pyramid; consistency and quality are musts. Upgrade yourself to the next level. If you are willing to learn, you will shine like chrome. A pencil needs to be sharpened before you draw a design. Similarly, before writing an article about a topic, possess the thorough knowledge of it. 


Bear this mantra in your mind: "Awesome content will always rule". 

If you enjoy writing according to your schedule, you could break all the walls of barriers to become a successful blogger. In blogging, success does not come in a single day. It takes the time to grow your brand. But once your blog starts to accelerate, unlimited rewards will knock your door. 


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