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30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online - Part 4

In our series of 30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online, we've covered 3 Parts. In this post, we'll see the Part 4. If you haven't read the previous Parts, I recommend you to read Part I, Part II & Part III. You find only legitimate ways to make money online. 

Getting an online job or being an entrepreneur at online requires research, skill and time management. Without searching, how can you able to find the way that works for you? Like how people search for information online through search engines, you need to search to attain the right path. Test yourself and your skills with the matching methods to make money online. 

The only reason that I have made these make money online series is to reduce the time consumption and the pain of search for the people who are all looking to work online from their home. 

To find the popularity of the website which provides jobs online, you could use the free online tool named Alexa. All you need is to enter the URL of the website and click on the 'Find' button. It is a very useful tool to check the popularity, reputation, and trustworthy of a website. Whatever the browser you use to browse sites, you could find this tool as an extension also. 

 Let's begin with the Part 4 of our series to earn online through genuine ways. 

1. Use Your Brain for WordPress Theme Development

WordPress is the most powerful blogging and content management platform. No other platform can compete with the availability of themes to apply for WordPress websites. A lot of developers are working day and night for WordPress theme development. The vast majority of websites are self-hosted on WordPress. It gives a great opportunity for the template developers. 

The minimum skill required to become a Professional WordPress Theme developer is to have a good knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP or Ruby. You need to research the mass level selling themes and it's price. Get an idea from those themes and use your brain to create WordPress themes. 

Your theme shouldn't look exactly similar to the existing themes. Users won't buy those themes and they call it a copycat. You have to do a lot of modifications to make it as unique. If you are a gifted developer, you can easily stand from the crowd. To monetize your themes, you could either start a new website for promoting and selling or you could directly sell your themes on the biggest online marketplace for themes. 

The topmost theme selling marketplaces are:

These marketplaces will get the commission from your sales. The commission might be 40-50% which seems to be huge but really it's worth. You don't need to promote your theme, they will. Your themes will reach millions of users within a few hours and that's the specialty here. Immediately you could start to earn based on the order placed by the users. 

2. Become One of the Mobile App Developers

Every smartphone should have essential apps to use. Millions of mobile users are downloading new apps. If they like it they will stick with the apps. If an app doesn't make changes in their day-to-day life, there is no need to have the crap being installed on their phone. So, they just uninstall it and will try new apps.  A lot of Android and iPhones are being sold every day and you have to choose the platform to develop apps. 


To develop an iOS app, you should have the knowledge of Swift Programming Language. You've to learn Xcode, design interfaces and interactions, evaluate the usability of options, and integrating the camera, photo, and location information in order to enhance your app for a stunning performance. Your app should be fully function-able on iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. 

Do you want to see your app on iTunes? Then start testing your app at TestFlight. You could monetize your app by selling your app to the app store. You could also make a pro app that urges the users to purchase your Pro app to enjoy the features.

To develop an Android app, you must have learned the languages such as Java with Google SDK for Android, C/C++ language with Google NDK for Android. If you know Python, it will be easy to create an android app within 8 hours. Else you could learn Kivy as an alternative to develop android apps.

You could monetize your app on Play Store. For monetization, you will need to to have an AdMob account which is used to serve ads on Android phones whenever the app is connected to the Internet. Make sure you build an Android app which always requires an Internet connection. 

Note: AdMob requires you to have a valid AdSense account and AdWords account. If you don't have one or both of these accounts, you could sign-up to monetize your app on Play Store.

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If you would like to develop an app that should be available on both iTunes Market and Play Store, you need to check PhoneGap, a platform to create an app on any platform using web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. However, in order to give more Graphics to your app, then you need to go to native codes such as C++, Java on Android, Objective-C in iOS. 

If you are an expert in coding for the above-mentioned languages, you could become one of the hottest mobile app developers to make huge money. Most importantly, you should have an Idea for the app which is going to pay your bills. 

3. Software Application Developer

Most widely used Operating Systems are Windows, MAC, and Linux. All these platforms need software applications to explore additional features. Windows and MAC are ruling the world. In every system, you could see a software installed by the user. It might be a cleaner, Anti - Virus, Downloading software applications and so on. Whatever the application the user is using, a  software application developer who has made it earning a big collection of money. 


To become a software application developer, you need to learn C# which is a multi-paradigm language developed by Microsoft as part of dot NET initiative. The combination of C and C++, C# languages are specially used to develop software for Microsoft and Windows platforms.

To develop applications for MAC, you need to learn Objective-C and Swift. 

To monetize your software applications, you could sell your software through your own website by promoting it. Once you reach millions of downloads, you will gain popularity which helps you to sell your applications directly to Microsoft or Apple. 

You will have more benefits in selling your software applications outside of the Microsoft and Apple Marketplaces if you want to get a top-notch position in the web world. 

4. Facebook Business Page

Do you have a Facebook page? Do you have at least 100K followers on your page? If your answer is to be Yes, you could earn a decent income by marketing brand's product through your Facebook page. It is called as affiliate marketing via the Facebook page. 

What you need is huge Likes and followers for your page and high exposure to the public. i.e your page should reach more people with likes and comments for every post. Make sure whatever you post is very interesting that forces the users to Like, Comment and Share.


When your publicity has grown, you will be contacted by the top brands or small brands to promote their products through your page. In that time, you could make a deal. If they didn't, you need to contact them. 

At the same time, it is important to note that you should not over flood your page with marketing. There should be a certain limit in the promotion. Otherwise, users may unfollow your page. You need to careful in handling the viewer's interest and marketing products. 

Try to connect the brands with your posts by publishing interesting Memes. Nowadays, meme creators are earning a good income. Why wasting your time only for chatting on Facebook? Make use of your page and convert it to a Facebook business page. 

5. Start a Book Review Site

People who have the passion for reading books should start a site especially for reviewing books online to earn money. If you have read a lot of books since your childhood, probably this is going to work for you. You could easily review many books than anyone. I won't recommend this method for newbies who just started to read books. 


Have you seen the books selling on Amazon? You could also see the customer reviews and ratings for the books. The book might be either Hardcover or e-Book. Higher the number of positive reviews and ratings for a book, the higher the sales will be. It is very essential to convince a buyer to purchase the book. 

After starting a site for providing book reviews, you need to review a book which is already available on Amazon. Make sure you provide the Pro's and Con's of the content in the book after completely reading. At the end of your review give a link to Amazon's e-commerce site. 

This will help the visitor to buy the book after finished reading your review. If you have the selling skill to convince the buyer, you could make sales daily depending on your site's popularity. 

To get paid, you should set up an Amazon Associate account and then link the book to your site through your unique ID which will be given by Amazon's affiliate programStart reviewing and start selling.

It's Just the End of Part 4

So, we've discussed another 5 ways in this post. Seems not so easy to earn online? My answer would be 'No'. Everybody has their own skill. There is no one on this planet without having any skill. It's the gift of God given to us to improve our lives. Every business needs an online presence for social exposure. More you get popular, more customers reach you and ultimately more money you are going to have. 

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If you found this information helps, share it with your friends. 

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