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30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online - Part 3

Previously, in Part II of 30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online, we've covered another 5 ways. Before proceeding into the Part III, I recommend you to read the Part I and Part II. The nature of searching for the several ways to make money in the offline world is evolving and now people are searching it online to earn online.

If you are also looking to cash out online, in order to encourage your hope, online world feeds you the best ways if you have the necessary skills. As more and more people are engaging in online, competition has been raised to the core. 

This elevation of competition has created a vacuum in smartness. What I'm trying to say is that if you can work smart, make money online is not a hard job for you. If you say that hard work is enough to make money, I will not agree with that because of Hard work + Smart work = Money, and Fame. 

Some guys say that you cannot do that. Once you achieve it, the same guys will ask you how you did it? To make money online, you need to be focused on your work with all your effort. 

In this post, we are going to see the next 5 legitimate ways to make money online. Without wasting a single minute, let's begin. 

1. Niche Website

A niche website is sometimes termed as a micro website that is focused only on one particular topic. It delivers all the root information around the topic and covers the queries of visitors. As these types of niche websites are narrow in its subject that is very useful for the targeted audience. So that the users can find all the related information on the same website. 


Niche websites rank well in all search engines. Instead of blogging about broad categories, if you blog on your niche website, you could rank easily to gain abundant organic visit to your website. The most critical part is choosing your niche. Yes, you need to search for the keyword that you'are going to blog about. 

If a particular keyword is being searched by a majority of people and if your blog has all the useful information for the keyword, you could earn well with your organic visitors through advertisement. Apart from ads, you could earn a nice income with affiliate marketing and services related to your niche.  

For example, if your niche is "Best vacuum cleaners", you could make sales of vacuum cleaners through affiliate marketing to get handsome commissions. The same will be applied to services niche also. Niche websites don't need to have a lot of posts. Even 10-20 articles with the decent promotion are fair enough to earn money.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that runs by the Amazon e-commerce giant. This program allows the publishers to refer their products to the visitors. Whenever a visitor buys an item from Amazon through your affiliate link, you will get paid for that. Here the publisher would be called Amazon Associates. There is a simple difference between the Amazon affiliate program and other affiliate programs. 


In other affiliate programs, you need to sell the particular product but in the case of the Amazon affiliate program, it is completely different. When a visitor gets directed to the Amazon website via your affiliate link, he/she buys that particular product or some other product, you will get paid as a commission. 

Once someone clicks your affiliate link, a referral cookie is placed in that person's browser or app. This cookie lasts for 24 hours. So, unless the same person clicks on a different person's affiliate link, you will get the percentage of anything the person buys within that 24 hour period.

Amazon would pay the commission irrespective of the platform it could be a browser or an app. This is how it works. It seems to be more reliable and flexible right? Yes, try it and you could also earn. A lot of publishers prefer Amazon Affiliate program and there is no doubt in that because of the trust and steady source of income generation through the Amazon affiliate program.

The commission rate varies from 4% to 8% and more which is solely depending on your sales range per month. The commission would be seen as low. You know why? Amazon is already is popular. You are just going to redirect the people who are all willing to purchase the promoted product using your given link. 

Publishers could share their affiliate link through blogs, niche websites and social media. 

Note: You should not click on your own link to buy products because Amazon will consider it as ineligible and won't give the commission. Instead of that, you could refer your friends to buy items through your link. 

3. Sell on Etsy

Like Amazon and eBay, Etsy is an online buyer-seller community where you could sell your handmade crafts, suits and so on. Etsy is dedicated to selling items in the categories as listed below:
  • clothing & Accessories, 
  • Jewelry, 
  • Craft supplies & tools, 
  • Weddings, 
  • Entertainment, 
  • Home & Living, 
  • Kids items,
  • Vintage collections.  


Etsy has over 32 million visitors per month, you should take maximum advantage of it. It provides a wonderful opportunity for art creators, creative designers, crafters, and collectors. You don't need to have a blog or such thing to sell your items. Etsy's platform is enough to do that job without hectic. 

What are you waiting for? If you are such a creative person, open a store on Etsy in your relevant category. You have to have a logo for your store and put some attractive pictures to grab your buyers. Start to sell on Etsy and alongside, you could promote your Etsy store on blogs, social media or through any medium. 

4. Sell Photos Online

Do you know that you could sell photos online and make money from it? For any advertisement, an attractive picture is very important. Though there is not even a single word on a picture, the picture itself can speak much. 

There is no required educational qualification to take awesome photos. All you need is a professional DSLR camera to take a crystal clear picture. You could monetize your photos online in the below mentioned websites:

Many website publishers buy photos online for their content. There is always a demand for images. Your photos should have a professionalism for grabbing the eyeballs. If you've done a course in photography, you should try this way to make money by selling your photos. Not only you'll sell, also you will get copyright for protecting your images from plagiarism. 

5. Join Survey Panels

Do you love to give the opinion? Then you could try survey panels. Surveys are conducted by survey and market researching companies who would like to know the taste and interests of the people. They will use the data collected from the surveys for market research. It will help them to improve their quality of products to satisfy the users need. It's like giving a review for the product you've recently bought from an e-commerce website. 


Giving your opinion helps them to create a good quality product and you will earn for the help you do. Most of the survey panels will pay you from 1$ to 12$ per survey was taken if you've completed the survey within the given time frame. Some survey panels allow you to cash out via Amazon gift cards, coupon, and mobile recharge. You could sign up for the following lead paid survey panels:
  • Opinionworld
  • Opinionoutpost
  • SpringboardAmerica
  • Vivatic
  • E-Poll
  • YouGov
  • PaidViewPoint
  • iPoll
  • MySurvey

Part III - Completed

As our series consists of 6 Parts, we've covered Part III in this post. In our all post in the series, you will find only Genuine ways to make money online. 

If you don't like to do the full job online, at least you should give a try to only legitimate companies who offer trusted jobs. Again I request my readers that you shouldn't fall prey to the scammers. Be aware and don't invest in 'make money fast' or 'make money by doing nothing' schemes. There is no such magic. 

Every time research about a website for its trust-ability and find the genuine reviews. It will help you to take your decision. 

Have you read the Part 3? Now read Part 4

If you find our article helpful, you could share it. So that it will surely help others too. 

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