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30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online - Part 2

In my previous post, we have discussed the Part -1 of 30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online. If you haven't read that article, I encourage you to do read it now or after finishing this article. Making money online is not really tough if you're willing to learn and act as per the trend.

There is always a need for the supply because of the demand. Time determines who need what and who can give it. You have to choose who is in demand and for them what can you provide. Due to the competition, more people can solve the problems but in today's world, quality is a must. 

For example, Olivia wants to restore her car. She wants to get her car restored within 5 weeks. In her city, 3 car restoration shops are there, namely Shop A, Shop B, and Shop C. Before making an approach, Olivia started to know about the 3 shops on the Internet and also outside. 

She marked the review graph in her diary. But still she was in doubt and so she went out and investigated directly with all the 3 shop owners regarding her car restoration. 

After completing the inquiry, she made a tabular note. On checking the table, she comes to know that all the shops are very competitive in their business. Shop 'A' can finish the restoration in 4 weeks for 10,000 $; Shop 'B' can finish the work in 4.5 weeks for 11,000 $; Shop 'C' can finish the same restoration job in 5 weeks for 9,000 $. 

On checking her diary, she has also referred to the already marked Star rating data for each shop that she collected from the Internet. The star rating depended on the Quality of the work done by the car restoration shops.

Finally, she preferred Shop 'B' for their quality of work and offered them the Job though their Price is High. Shop 'B' has completed the work on time as promised with great quality and Olivia was completely satisfied and left the shop with her beautiful car. Then she gave '10 Stars' as the Rating for the Shop 'B' on the Internet. 

I hope the above example gave you clarity on how any work should be done. 

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You need to understand how important is the quality of work. Everybody needs the best in all aspect. Make money online is fun and enjoyable too if you could deliver High quality in your work. 

Now, in Part II, we'll discuss the next 5 Genuine ways to make money at online. Let's begin.

1. Udemy Courses

Have you heard about Udemy? It is the topmost online learning marketplace. One of the best place for a tutor who loves to teach online. Here a tutor can upload their instruction in the form of Video, Audio, and Document. Udemy is famous for online courses. The hottest section of Udemy courses is teaching in a LIVE virtual classroom/Webinar. 

Apart from earning handsome money through Udemy, you could inspire millions of students by sharing your entire knowledge. They have the tools to elevate your business by reaching over 15 million students worldwide on any device, at any time. While writing this I can remember a proverb that says, "Knowledge is Power". 

2. Search Engine Evaluator

A person who evaluates or give ratings to web pages, documents, apps, etc available on the Internet is called as Search engine evaluator. The rules and regulations will be given to the evaluator by the company he/she depends on. An evaluator has to try Android and iPhone apps, YouTube videos, Games, play songs and so on and should rate as per the norms.   

In short, Search engine evaluators are the invisible heroes behind every search engine who involved in the evolution of the world wide web (www) and help visitors to find useful information about anything. These guys are the main responsible for Google's algorithmic changes in recent years.  You could also join as a search engine evaluator that too without any previous experience. Here are the top 4 search engine evaluator job providers:

For the above-mentioned companies, you need to pass the preliminary test(s). If you got selected, you could start to earn 7$ to 13$ or more depends on which location you are from. They pay high for the people living in the United States.

3. Document Translation

When a business grows gradually and globally, as the process of expanding one's business, they have to have a translator to contact with other business leaders who are from another country speaking a foreign language. As the heading itself says that you could earn right from your home by translating a document from one language to another. If you are multilingual, i.e if you're able to read and speak 2-3 languages, you could grab the offers and starts to write for them. 

You could also earn nice income even though you're packed with only one foreign language. The point is that you must be able to read and write at least two languages; one is your native language and another is a foreign language. Here are some of the document translation agencies for you:
In these agencies, people work as an individual or as a team. Having a Pvt Ltd certificate for the team adds more trust and will get more offer to work. More work = more money they will earn.  

4. Teach Your Native Language

Not only students, even job seekers, and workers are willing to learn a foreign language. For students, it will help them to acquire additional qualification and when they become job seekers, top companies hire them for the 'Languages known' qualification. Most business people know other languages to run their business effectively. 

You need to have verbal and written fluency in any specific language before you would like to teach. You also must possess the ability to teach in a step by step manner with good clarity. So, where you could get started?

Visit the below-mentioned sites and submit your application:
After getting approval, set up your profile, online schedule to teach your language. Become a part of them and you could succeed if you love your teaching job. 

5. Freelancer

A freelancing job is for creative people. You could become a freelancer if you want to show your skills online. Maybe you are a logo creator, a web designer, a photoshop expert, a video editor, a dubbing artist or any skill you have that can be completed online, a freelancing job is best for you. As a freelancer, you will have the freedom to work at any time at any place. 

We'll see the top 3 freelancing companies where you are going to utilize your skill. They are as follows:
As long you believe in your creativity and ability to finish the task within the given period of time, you will get high ratings which drive more offer for you. Then, you could choose the offer as per your choice.

It's Only the completion of Part II

The Internet can entertain you. Someone is behind or responsible for such entertainment. If you're willing to work, you could also entertain others. It's hard to get popular in outside the realm but through the Internet and media, you will and you can reach the height of Mt. Everest.  

In this post, we have discussed other 5 Legitimate ways to make money online. So far we've covered a total of 10 legitimate ways to make money online (adding Part I and Part II). 

In Part III, we are going to think about and discuss the next 5 ways.

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