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30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online - Part 1

The World is running behind money. Whatever you do, finally you look for money. It's like a 6th finger for every human being. There are many ways you can make money offline. Then why you are here? It's just because you are looking for how to make money online.

Without going out and doing a lot of things to make money, it is really true that you can make good money when you work online. 

Everyone who is using the Internet must have searched this phrase or similar to "how to make money online". Both the online and offline world is merging together. So, while working outside, it is possible to earn from online

Spending your time online only for having chit-chats and watching videos? When you are killing your time there, many are earning huge from online. 

First of all, you have to believe that You can also make money online right from your home. You just need to explore the list of ways to earn passive income. One thing you should keep in your mind that without doing anything, no one can make money from online. There is nothing like "Get Paid for Doing Nothing" at home. I request my readers to be aware of scams. You should not fall prey for scammers at online.


Now, you would like to know the several ways to make money online. Yes, without wasting your time, I'm going to present 30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in series. We’ll cover a total of 30 ways but we will make this a 6 part series since I want to describe each way which will give clarity before entering into the field of making money from online. 

Let's start to explore the different ways now...

1. Create a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is the hottest job right now to earn money online. Do you know why? It is the only job on the Internet where the investment required is zero. YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google. After all, YouTube is a Google's product. People like to watch videos according to their interest. YouTube gets more than 5 billion views per day which prove it's strength. 


When they watch a video, the man behind the video earns money. If you got the talent to create High-Quality videos, YouTube welcomes you with Red carpet. Forgot about uploading poor quality videos on YouTube. 

You could open a channel anything about Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Cooking, Health, News and so on. Before starting to create videos for your channel, read the updated YouTube Community Guidelines.

After creating a Channel on YouTube, start to create awesome videos which can go viral to monetize it. You need to connect your Channel with AdSense account. To monetize your videos, learn the Lesson: Earn money with YouTube.

2. Make Money From Blogging

Almost everyone can write. If you write online, you can make money. If you can attract readers with your writing skill, I will suggest you start a blog. Here, only your content speaks. Readership based blogging would work for the long term. The heading said that making money from blogging not blog for money. There is a huge difference between making money from blogging and blogging for money.  


For a blogger, readers are his backup, strength, and heroes. For your readers, you are the Hero. There should be a friendly relationship between a blogger and readers. They will wait for your articles to read. 

Once you reach the ability to gather your Loyal readers, money will flow directly into your pocket via monetizing your blog. Like how you could monetize YouTube videos, the same can be applied to your blog. Also, there are many others ways waiting there for you to monetize your blog/website.

Must read before moving to the next topic: Why you should not blog for money but how you could convert your blog into a money making machine

3. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an old school method of online marketing in which you are going to refer a brand's product and if someone buys the product with your referral, you will get a commission from the product's company. It's a kind of earn money by referral system where you have to promote a useful product to your targeted audience. 


A person who does Affiliate Marketing is called an Affiliate. He has to promote the products through advertisement, blogs, social media and other online shopping sites. If you have opted to do Affiliate Marketing, you need to signup to the product selling companies. For example., Clickbank, Rakuten, Shareasale, eBay are some of the Affiliate companies who give the Affiliate link to the Affiliates. With the help of that link, you could track the payments made by the buyer for purchasing a product through your referral link. 

In simple terms, when someone buys through your referral ID, you will receive a commission. The commission ranges from 10$ to more than 8000$ which depends on the type of product you promote. Payments are sent out via Check, Paypal or Direct Deposit. 

4. Amazon Self Publishing

Amazon Self Publishing is also referring to as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing where you have to publish an eBook on the Amazon's website. As you know that Amazon is the largest and popular e-Commerce website in the world, you must use this platform to earn money via publishing an e-Book. 


In olden days, people write manual books and publish it to earn. It requires initial investment and also it is not hassle-free to sell a book. Gone are those days and upgrade yourself to sell your books online. If you have an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject, use your brain and make an e-Book. Sell your e-Book in Amazon Self Publishing or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). 

Amazon's own product is Kindle device. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) helps you publish your book directly to Kindle devices and apps. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can convert your paper book to an eBook and sell it on the Amazon Kindle Store. Through the Kindle store, people will buy your e-Book and you will get paid. By selling your e-Book, you will also get authorship through Amazon. What are you waiting for? Get started and prepare your e-Book after reading this article completely :)

If you don't have a Kindle e-Reader, you could buy it from Amazon. It will be very helpful for you if you are going to publish an e-Book on Amazon or else you could buy it for your family. At least one of your cousins or friend would love it. Why not give it as a Surprise gift? Just tap the Buy Now button in the given image link below.


5. Sell a Service on Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace that offers task at a cost of 5$ as the minimum price. Do you know visitor stats of Fiverr? It's almost 5 million per month. They are not only visitors but sellers and buyers. No money can move without a buyer and seller. As Fiverr is having plenty of clients, I recommend you to sell a service on Fiverr. 


Whatever the service you offer, it is called as Gig. Buyers who purchase your Gig pay Fiverr in advance. So the buyer is not going to pay you directly. No buyer can cheat due to the nature of payment system which Fiverr follows. When your order is successfully delivered and completed, you will receive 80% of the total order value and Fiverr takes the 20% revenue as a commission. This is how Fiverr works. Use your skills, satisfy the need of the buyers, increase your score and make money with Fiverr. 

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Conclusion? No

While you are reading this post, many are making the profit through the above-mentioned ways. Everybody needs money but focus on your skills first to generate money. Out of 30 Legitimate ways to make money online, we've covered first 5 ways in this post. In the next part (II), you will see the next 5 Genuine ways to earn money online.

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