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How To Find Network Security Key on Android and iOS

For all Tech and Gadget lovers, WiFi is like a food. They consume rich resources from the Internet. They can even skip breakfast and lunch but couldn't spend time without WiFi. I'm also one of them. I'm writing articles for my blog and my laptop, and smartphone would always be connected to my WiFi router.

When I'm at my friend's home, I prefer blogging via smartphone. No matter, whatever happens, my gadgets would be connected to some WiFi network.

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When you go to a cafe and you saved the WiFi Password on your Android or iOS device, you will enjoy browsing. If you go along with your friends or relatives, they will surely like to connect their devices too. 

Though there is a simple process to find your saved WiFi password on Windows and Mac, there is no short-cut way to retrieve currently or previously connected WiFi network Password on your phone. Be cool!! There is always a way - little technical.

In order to show WiFi password on Android and iOS, you should have the root access. 

Things You Should Have:

  • If you are an Android user, you must have a Rooted Android device.
  • If you are an iOS user, you must have a Jailbroken iDevice.

Note: Please be informed that Rooting your Android device / Jail-breaking your iOs device might void warranty. I request you to check what your device's manufacturer says about rooting/jailbreak. I'm not responsible if you've accidentally bricked your device while getting root access.

Gained root access to your Android/iOS? without wasting time, keep reading this post to show WiFi Password.

1. How To Find Network Security Key on Android: (Way 1)

After getting root access, we need to browse system file on Android. Your stock Android OS comes with file explorer which is very basic. We could use it to browse storage files only. In this case, we need to download a special file explorer app named ES File Explorer File Manager. Let's see how to find network security key using this app. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open ES File Explorer app.
  • Go to Menu > Tools > Tap to Turn ON Root Explorer.

  • You will see a pop-up asking for superuser permission, you should press "Grant/Allow". 
  • Now tap on Local > Device. 

After that, you could see a number of folders inside. 
  • Continue to navigate to the folders data/misc/wifi. See the below screenshots:

Finally, you will get some files where you need to tap on wpa_supplicant.conf file. This file stores your WiFi Password. 

Open the configuration file. ES note editor will be opened. (P.S: don't edit anything). In this file, you could see the list of saved WiFi networks along with its Passwords as shown below:

Here, ssid is the WiFi network's name and psk is the Password that you need. 

2. How To Find Network Security Key on Android: (Way 2)

There is another app called Root Browser which is also available on Play Store. It can perform the same operation like what ES File Explorer can do. Once you installed the app, open it. Now it will ask your permission to download busy box and other files as shown below:

  • Tap Yes to begin the download. After that Allow superuser permission for this app.
  • Continue to navigate to the folders data/misc/wifi. Tap on wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Open the file to retrieve saved WiFi Passwords. 

So, the file manager which requires root access can also be used as a WiFi Password recovery tool.

3. How To Find Network Security Key on iOS

Unlike Android, the Jailbroken iOS devices required an effective tool named Network List from Cydia Saurik. Proceed to install the tweak tool on your Jailbroken device. After installing this tweak, a new option named Network Password or Known Networks will be added to your WiFi settings. 

Now press the above-mentioned option to explore the list of WiFi Networks and its Passwords saved on your device.

You could even export the list of saved WiFi networks and Keys using the "Export This List" option provided at the bottom of the list.

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To Sum Up

In this post, I have provided the options to retrieve your WiFi Passwords for Android and iOS. If there are any other best methods to find Wifi Password on your device, please do share here in comments. So that it would be helpful to others.

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