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Why You Should Not Blog For Money - Turn Your Blog into A Money Making Machine

Blogging is one of the best ways to get in touch with the world to express your views about anything. There are millions of blogs and websites available on the Internet. Some authors blog for their joy and most authors consider blogging as their professional career. Whether you would like to blog for your joy or else you wish to work as a pro blogger, you could make huge money from blogging.

Blogging is a get rich slow scheme. It requires more time and continuous hard work. In other words, blogging means working for a long period of time consistently for free and then reap your unlimited rewards. It is definitely possible to make money online by blogging.

turn blog into money making machine

I believe that blogging is similar to a Mango tree. You bury a seed in the ground and you must feed the seedlings with water for its growth. When it shows its head above the ground, you will get an awesome feeling. 

Further, it needs to grow for its branches day by day by consuming water and sunlight. One fine day, a mango fruit will fall on your head. It's the day which you dreamt of for reaping the sweet fruits. 

Here, the seed is your website and water is the useful unique content; the branches are your readers and lastly, the fruits reflect your money.

In this post, we'll see why you should not blog for money but how you can convert your blog or website into an automatic money-making machine

1. Love and Respect Your Readers by Supplying Engaging Content

When you start blogging, don't rush for publishing articles. Even a single attractive and useful article could replace the need for 100 blog posts. Your readers are humans, not bots. You need to find the needs of your readers. 

Just by throwing some content and waiting for the page views for your blog is a complete waste of time. Google has changed their algorithm in order to provide the best possible content for the visitors. Google loves the blogs that love and respects the visitors. 

deliver engaging content

Try to give engaging content for your readers. Give them an option to share their views. They will share, appreciate/disagree with your blog posts. Driving customers for any business is a challenging job. To be successful, you should need to build a trust among your readers. Until you could drive traffic to your blog, don't bother about using Ads from any advertising network. 

Honestly, when you could drive huge page views for your blog, you could make a living just by blogging by being a publisher of Google Adsense, Yahoo Ads and so on. You can even make handsome money from Affiliate Marketing. 


2. Find the Problem and be a Solution Provider

People mostly surf the Internet for getting a solution to the problem they are facing. As a blogger, you were encouraged to find the problem and be a solution provider. Search the web where ordinary people post their questions related to your blog's niche. Some of the discussion areas where the questions were asked are as follows:
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Quora 
  • Forums
  • Facebook help community questions. 
be a solution provider

Before providing a quick solution, you must have a thorough knowledge of the field you are about to blog. Half knowledge is like a half-baked cake. Who will love a half-baked cake? 

If you have a perfect answer to the query, create a new blog post for your website. Focus on keywords and use those keywords in your blog posts. It will soon increase traffic to your blog. The amount of traffic you receive depends upon the demand for the answer to a question. By doing this activity, it is always possible to utilize your traffic to make money. 

3. Passion, Plan of Action and dedication in Blogging

Not everyone can play football as a professional. It needs practice, practice, and practice. The root of practice is passion. When you are passionate about something, there is no place for negative thoughts to appear. Passion forces you to implement the plan in action. 

Passion, dedication in blogging

Blogging needs passion, plan of action (POA) and dedication. If you are a passionate blogger, you could learn the art of blogging. To achieve success, passion towards blogging is a must. 

Either you want to become a part-time blogger or full-time blogger, there should be a thirst for blogging. It will generate passive income in the nearby future. 

Producing good content is the difficult job in blogging. If you are a natural writer, you will be invited by other bloggers to write articles for them and you will get paid nicely.

4. Frequency in Blogging

Updating your blog with new articles notifies the search engines to index your posts quickly. On publishing a new post, it invites your readers to come again to visit your blog. People who follow your blog always ready to listen to you. You need to be active and fulfill the needs of your loyal readers. 

time management in blogging

An active blog grabs new visitors and converts them to regular readers of your blog. For every follower, you would be seen as an Internet celebrity and your blog will be seen as a popular brand. You will become fame within a short time and this paves the way to earn money online without fail. 

To Sum Up

Blogging requires passion, patience, preparation, and perseverance. You could make a change in people's life just by blogging. It could also make a change in your life if you are ready to receive the change. 

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